Anti-Zionist harvest: Germany

I find that we hardly have to do our own news blogging anymore; enemy blogs are pretty much doing it for us these days:

In some Berlin schools in the meantime the spirit between cultures is as frigid as between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Rückert family celebrates the Shabbat only behind closed doors. Often they don’t display their religion any more.

Liam, the younger of the two brothers, had to find out that the word ‘Jew’ had become a swearword.

Israel, his mother’s native country, is in the eyes of the other students an enemy country. The boy who had proudly celebrated his bar mitzvah at thirteen is suddenly an outsider.

“when someone isn’t Jewish and is a traitor, he’ll be called a Jew. The Jews love money and power, and we, on the other hand, we don’t like people who want to have money.”

The female students describe the Shoah — the Holocaust [WHAT 'Holocaust'?!?! - AS] — as ‘just’, and consider Hitler ‘great’. The school did nothing against this incident. A climate in which obviously the word ‘Jew’ becomes a self-evident insult.

every escalation in the Middle East, every, say, action or a political… political strain in Israel and in the Middle East, Syria, or wherever, causes the incidents in schools to worsen and intensify.

Everything is going exactly as I predicted. Who would have thought it possible: students in 2018 Germany openly praising Hitler and – more tellingly – the school taking no punitive action against them? But I said all along that it was still possible, and as usual I have been proven correct. Once enough of these numerically accumulating anti-Zionist students start voting, we will (at long last!) begin to see implementation of solid anti-Zionist policies in Germany, such as nationwide mandatory BDS, officially ceasing to recognize Israel, throwing out ‘Holocaust denial’ laws, and so on. (Other than nuclear-armed Britain and France, I consider Germany the most strategically valuable EU country to turn anti-Zionist.) But if our students are deported (or worse, massacred Srebrenica-style) as per rightist plans, all our otherwise steadily assured success will be wiped out. For their own safety, our students MUST ALL acquire firearms and plenty of ammunition ASAP, and organize/train paramilitarily. The better armed and trained our students are, the less likely they will be required to actually use their weapons, and the more likely Germany can join the anti-Zionist coalition (and hopefully even become ours again) in a peaceful way. But the weapons must be available and ready at a moment’s notice to be used in absolutely ruthless Ahimsa in case our enemies choose to initiate violence. Because our enemies are indeed planning all-out ethnic cleansing on a massive scale, and they are not even hiding their plans anymore:

Developments have, we feel, reached a point where we need to commit the unforgivable offence of stating the obvious: certain populations currently resident in certain European countries need to leave. Given that they will not leave willingly, they will have to be forced out.

Of course, we are not so arrogant as to make any concrete suggestions as to who exactly these peoples might be in European countries other than our own. This is a matter for the respective peoples of those countries to decide for themselves: the Dutch in the Netherlands, the French in France, the Germans in Germany. Being British, we will limit ourselves to considering courses of action that should be taken by the British people. In this particular document, we advocate more specifically the driving out of the Pakistani Muslim diaspora of the United Kingdom. Readers should note that this term includes all people of Pakistani Muslim origin in the UK, irrespective of the citizenship they might hold.

(I am sure no one here needs to be reminded that Pakistan is one of the heroic minority of countries in the world today which does not recognize Israel.)

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16 Responses to Anti-Zionist harvest: Germany

  1. Nussun says:

    If Jews are as intelligent as some claim you’d think they’d do everything in their power to not be Jewish, and to stop Jewish identity from proliferating. Bobby Fischer supposedly had an IQ of 180, and that’s pretty much what he did. Benjamin Freedman also came across has highly intelligent, and that’s exactly what he did, obviously not to the extent of Fischer though. (Haven’t looked into whether either had offspring, nor do I care too).

    And doesn’t the ‘Jewish Lie’ only work because most people aren’t capable of that level of wickedness, so they are unable to process the fact that there are human-beings that have a world view based on that level of deception?

    Then there’s the gentiles that behave Jewish…

    (I only focus on intelligence when speaking of both identities, as obviously there is absolutely no nobility to be found in either).

    “Jews highly intelligent”, I just don’t see it? If they were highly intelligent and had an ounce of noble blood coursing through their veins they wouldn’t be Jewish in the first place, and they would do everything in their power to denounce that identity entirely.

  2. Nussun says:

    Didn’t Savitri Devi also predict that Germany would rise again eventually?

    We should also remember that Germany currently is a leader in Solar power, and alternative power. Vitally important if a Solar Civilization is to arise and take the place of Western civilization.

    Germany Breaks A Solar Record — Gets 85% Of Electricity From Renewables

  3. John Johnson says:

    I believe I posted this before:

    Thirty-four percent of those categorized by the research group as “extreme left” agreed with the statement that Jews had “too much influence” in Germany.

    A high proportion of the far left agreed with the anti-Semitic stereotype that Jews are “greedy”. Thirty-four percent of the extreme left, and 13 percent of the left affirmed the statement, while across the entire political spectrum, that number fell to eight percent on average.

  4. John Johnson says:

    Our enemies in Germany are now saying citizenship should be contingent upon accepting certain values and opinions, and those who disagree with these values should be ‘stripped of their right to abode’. …Hmmm, sound familiar? Obviously their “values” are the wrong ones, but let’s hope the left is able to counter this by steadfastly accepting the notion that certain attitudes and behaviors should disqualify individuals from citizenship!!

    German president: Immigrants must reject anti-Semitism, it’s ‘non-negotiable’
    “German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Friday demanded his country’s immigrants reject anti-Semitism, characterizing it as a “non-negotiable” condition for living in Germany.

    “There are things which are part of Germany. And one of these is our responsibility for our past: the lessons of two World Wars, the lessons from the Holocaust, the responsibility for Israel’s security, the rejection of any form of racism and anti-Semitism,” said the German president at a Hanukkah event at the Israeli embassy in Berlin.

    “For this responsibility, no line can be drawn under the past for later generations – and no exceptions be made for immigrants. It is non-negotiable – for all who live in Germany and want to live here!” he added.”

    “In a piece for weekly magazine Der Spiegel, Justice Minister Heiko Maas wrote that the Holocaust, in which the Nazis killed six million Jews, [Thanks for the reminder, I almost forgot] and its significance needed to become an even more important part of integration courses and migrants should be tested on it in the examination at the end of their course.

    “The lessons from the Holocaust need to be one of the guiding ideas in those lessons and not just some chapter of German history,” he said.

    “Racism has no place in Germany, so everyone who wants to stay in Germany for the long term needs to be clear that we fight the Neonazis’ anti-Semitism and we won’t tolerate any imported anti-Semitism from immigrants either,” Maas added.

    Speaking at an event marking the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Israel, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Friday Germany needed to remember its historical responsibility, including the lessons of two world wars, the Holocaust, ensuring Israel’s security and rejecting any form of racism and anti-Semitism.”

    The chairman of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, Josef Schuster, told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper that fines and reprimands were not enough when tackling anti-Semitism and that migrants who offend Germany’s democratic values should be expelled.

    Those who knowingly and repeatedly violate our societal consensus should forfeit their right to stay,” he said.” [Ha! No wonder they are afraid of anti-Zionist consensus becoming the majority opinion just as it was in the 1930s.]

    “The Interior Ministry, which is run by the Bavarian sister party of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling CDU party, the CSU, says it “emphatically supports” Schuster’s proposal. Deputy Minister Stephan Mayer told the Die Welt daily on Monday that “as a last resort, we should take away people’s right to stay in Germany if they have committed an offense motivated by anti-Semitism.”

    He added that “those people thereby oppose the core values and beliefs of our democratic system.”

    While the far-right AfD applauded the proposal, the Social Democrats, who are part of Germany’s ruling coalition, pointed out that the legal basis for Schuster’s proposal already exists.

    There have been proposals to introduce compulsory reporting of anti-Jewish bullying in schools and to make it illegal to burn national symbols, after Israeli flags were burnt during protests in Berlin against the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

    The government is in the process of appointing an anti-Semitism commissioner who will be tasked with implementing a strategy to root out anti-Jewish sentiment.” [Lol. Aren't the Nazis supposed to be the ones appointing "anti-Semitism commissioners"? Is this real life anymore?]

  5. Sun of the Isles says:

    An interesting video that I think everybody would like:

    Looks like Gaddafi’s prophecy would come to be true after all!


    “I am sure no one here needs to be reminded that Pakistan is one of the heroic minority of countries in the world today which does not recognize Israel.”

    Not to mention that Pakistan shot down 10 Israeli jets in the October War, without suffering a single casualty!


    “If Jews are as intelligent as some claim you’d think they’d do everything in their power to not be Jewish, and to stop Jewish identity from proliferating.”

    That’d be nice, wouldn’t it, that some of those who are raised as Jews get disgusted of the identity imposed upon them by their parents and environment, and finally throw of their Jewish identity?

  6. Pandorastop says:

    Reading this with a smile and eating some potato soup!
    To members of the Dawn Of Arya forums. The site is down for now (it will be rebuilt!). This was not my decision and out of my control. The government of Nauru has shut down the previously free CO.NR domain. .NR and CO.NR were host to a good many anti-semitic sites and it is fucking disgusting that Judaism has finally come to bear on the island and government of Nauru.

  7. AS says:


    Our enemies have been elaborating on their ethnic cleansing plan:

    It is the duty of everyone here to prioritize studying in detail this enemy plan, and figuring out how to ACTIVELY COUNTER every aspect of its hypothetical equivalent in your country. Not only must you be able to explain all the theoretical unethicalities of such a plan to the common mind, but also you must be able to offer precise methods of sabotaging the practical measures involved so as to ensure it will fail. As soon as you have such a counterstrategy ready, submit it first to us:

    and then, having been checked by us, to your local targeted community as well as all sympathetic organizations known to you so that they can all begin to prepare in their own respective capacities to fight back effectively ASAP. Of particular importance is this enemy line:

    And once you’ve got rid of the Pakistanis, who will you start on next?
    The Somalis.

    It is imperative that people of all other ethnic minorities understand that, although their own particular denomination might not be the one targeted for ethnic cleansing right now, individuals from every minority are endangered whenever any one minority is targeted on the basis of ethnicity. Our enemies explicitly admit this in the line above.

    Just protecting the targeted community from being ethnically cleansed in the moment does not count as winning, but merely counts as dodging bullets, which is unsatisfactory by any serious standards. Positive victory consists of measurably destroying enemy forces, and in conjunction measurably strengthening the targeted community, at least until the point when the targeted community can no longer feasibly be ethnically cleansed by the enemy, and preferably until the very intent to ethnically cleanse the targeted community has been eliminated.

    And for those of you who think I (despite my track record of accurate prophecy) am being paranoid about hollow bluster by an actually impotent enemy, it would be infinitely better that you formulate your counterstrategy and then never have to use it than the other way round. As always, I wish it really were just me being paranoid. But what if it is not?

  8. Philistine says:


    It seems to me that their entire “plan” requires one very important thing which they do not have: governmental authority. They’ll never be able to change immigration and citizenship laws or influence how the law is enforced without being in power. Look at the author’s multiple references to “our future British government”, or at what one guy said in the comments of that article: “The only way out is civil disobedience or partisan warfare.” Prevent them from getting into power by exposing their evil and lies (you can tell how the “1 million raped young white girls” will be their own Shoah tale) at every turn.

    The only thing they could potentially do is “General Malicious Harassment”. In other words, literal crime. Report them to the police.

  9. Pandorastop says:

    “It seems to me that their entire “plan” requires one very important thing which they do not have: governmental authority.”


  10. AS says:


    “Prevent them from getting into power”

    Firstly, you have evidently ignored this entire paragraph from my previous comment:

    Just protecting the targeted community from being ethnically cleansed in the moment does not count as winning, but merely counts as dodging bullets, which is unsatisfactory by any serious standards. Positive victory consists of measurably destroying enemy forces, and in conjunction measurably strengthening the targeted community, at least until the point when the targeted community can no longer feasibly be ethnically cleansed by the enemy, and preferably until the very intent to ethnically cleanse the targeted community has been eliminated.

    Secondly, have you learned nothing from the Trump victory? We did not adequately prepare for it, instead we overfocused on preventing it. It happened anyway, and then we only started to react to the reality of a Trump victory after Trump had already set ICE loose, and as a result we have been totally failing to stop ICE. Even the sanctuary judges, mayors, etc., whom I have been praising for their stances, are powerless. They may declare it forbidden for ICE to arrest/detain/deport people under conditions A, B, C, etc., but ICE goes ahead with such actions regardless, and all we are left with are (at best) petty lawsuits against particular ICE agents while the victims themselves have already been deported! If we had promoted #FightICEwithfire even during the Obama era, we might be in a better position now.

    This just in:

    The scum in charge can give ludicrous excuses that don’t even bother to pretend to be true, yet the dutiful attorney can do nothing but verbally call them out. Physically, the border remains closed, and the refugees remain stuck outside, which is all that really matters to Trump.

    Same thing with Austria, and more recently Italy. (And V4 goes without saying.) The lesson is that we cannot just focus on preventing our enemies from getting into power, which in some countries may be practically impossible anyway by this stage. We have to prepare for the possibility that they do get into power, and have a second line of defence ready to stop them in the event that they do get into power.

    “by exposing their evil and lies”

    Since when have the majority been put off by evil and lies? How many Israelis are put off by the IDF and the Mossad? As long as the evil and lies are perceived to benefit the majority at the expense of the victims, the majority will enthusiastically vote for them. The more evil and more lies the better! That’s what democracy is!

    This is why I predict that the far-right will become more powerful in many more countries within the near future. Elections in Sweden are coming up later this year. Let’s see if I am correct. (As always I hope I am wrong but doubt it.)

    I have no more patience for leftist complacency. Rightists say most leftists have an underdeveloped sense of danger (they mean with regard to Islamization etc.). They may be correct, except as regards the source of the danger! I too have noticed many leftists (including within our ranks) consistently fail to perceive danger (or at least the true extent of a danger) from rightists until it is too late.

    “The only thing they could potentially do is “General Malicious Harassment”. In other words, literal crime. Report them to the police.”

    And when the police look the other way, then what? Again, what happens when Palestinians report Israeli settlers to the Magav? Or, try advising the Rohingya to report crimes against them to the local police in Myanmar and see how well that works out. Many years ago we were already reporting how the police in Greece PERSONALLY JOIN IN street harassment after being alerted to it! In the US, Dreamers etc. are now increasingly afraid to talk to the police about anything because they fear being arrested themselves later when ICE gets hold of police data! This is the problem that sanctuary cities were intended to solve! And BLM have plenty of their own stories about interacting with the police…..

    I certainly support any initiatives to identify dutiful individual police officers and assist them to positions of authority within the police force, as well as encouraging leftists to join the police so as to weigh the police in our favour. But to simply behave as if the police are already 100% reliable at the present time is delusional.

    “(you can tell how the “1 million raped young white girls” will be their own Shoah tale)”

    This is actually the best example of what I am talking about. Look how the British police have handled this. You would think they of all people would find it trivial to know the difference between prostitution and rape…..

  11. Philistine says:


    You’re right, I just read the article again. It’s useless to expose their evil when they do it for us:

    “Humbug. It is probably reasonable to say that there is some evil in what we suggest, simply in that we will have to act ruthlessly and cause suffering. But this is something that is true of human conflict in general [...]”

    “We have chosen our evil, as did our ancestors when they chose to fight in all the conflicts this country has ever fought in. The RAF firebombed German cities, killing tens of thousands of civilians, during the quintessential good war.”

    We’re in the middle of a global awakening of evil, when they can come out and proudly display their inherent evil and show they’re ready to enforce it on INNOCENTS, whether they are Pakistanis or Germans.

  12. AS says:

    Now THIS is anti-Rehab activism:

    The 23-year-old man was to be deported from where he was staying, a refugee accommodation in the small town of Ellwangen.

    But the police decided to withdraw after some 200 migrants attempted to prevent the detention, with some of them threatening violence. The three patrols cars saw themselves as outnumbered.

    The migrants then sent a security officer from the refugee home to act as an intermediary and gave the police an ultimatum: take the Congolese man’s handcuffs off within two minutes, otherwise they would storm the entrance gate of the accommodation.

    The police decided to give the security officer a key so that he could release the 23-year-old from his handcuffs.

    Applause please! These 200 guys deserve SA uniforms!

    Seriously, this the MINIMUM that needs to be happening EVERY TIME the Rehabs try to deport someone if we are to stand a realistic chance of holding out long enough to turn Germany fully anti-Zionist. Of course, the Rehabs will be bringing more firepower after this experience, which will make it more difficult to achieve the same outcome next time. We will eventually need at least firearms and in practice preferably some anti-materiel weaponry also just to stay in the game. Of course, by far the neatest solution would be for the US troops stationed in Germany to intervene in support of the refugees. This is why winning in the US is so important.

  13. AS says:

    I told you the Rehabs would be right back:

    If I had been in charge over there, immediately after the first rescue I would have found somewhere else for the victim to hide, so that when the Rehabs came back in force they would find that their target was no longer on location. This would have made the Rehabs look like fools.

    But at least the refugees seem to understand my broader point:

    Police are also investigating evidence that the migrants at the centre had a concerted plan to prevent all deportations through collective action.

    “Since there were serious statements from the migrants that if the police reappeared, they would not only defend themselves in a similar manner, they would also prepare by arming themselves,” officials during the operation sought to find “weapons and dangerous objects,” the police said on Thursday.

    There also needs to be firm non-cooperation from countries expected to receive deported refugees. Just as every country should take in anyone who arrives voluntarily, by the same principle no country should take in anyone who is being forcefully deported.

    Still, under the present-day West-dominated ‘international laws’, any refugees stupid enough to tell the Rehabs which country they migrated from (such as the Congolese guy this time round) have themselves to blame for giving the Rehabs a country to deport them to…..

  14. NuminousSun says:

    If Turkey’s Erdogan gains dictatorial powers, and Russia’s Putin follows those footsteps,
    alongside China and North Korea that will make four relatively strong dictatorial powers in the world. Certainly a finger in the eye of Jewmasonry….

  15. Mza9 says:

    This may be the tipping point for Neo-Nazis in Germany:

    Far-right extremist held over murder of German politician
    Man suspected of shooting dead city administrative chief known for pro-asylum views

    “Whoever does not share these values can leave this country at any time,” he said, prompting death threats from the far-right…”

    Great point!!! Anyone that does not like the country they live in should leave and move to a nation they do want to live in! No nation should ever force anyone that does not want to live with in it’s borders to have to live there!

    “Born in Bavaria, the suspect reportedly joined the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD) as a teenager.”

    ROFL!!! You couldn’t make this shit up if you wanted too. Funny how democracy attracts the most ignoble and dishonorable among us to take part in governance, doesn’t it?

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