Anti-Zionist harvest: France

As a commenter over at the original post remarks, Hitler would be proud:

France: Soon with No Jews?

French Jews live in constant insecurity. The men who murder them evidently do not hesitate to break into homes and attack elderly women; they seem to know they can threaten their future victims without fear of arrest. More often than not, the police do not even record the complaints of Jews who go to the police station, but simply note in the daybook that a Jew claiming threats came and went.

In all the uncountable number of books on the danger and the consequences of anti-Semitism published in France since World War II, only one deals specifically with the hatred of Jews in the Muslim world. The author, Philippe Simonnot, a former journalist for the daily Le Monde, actually justifies this hatred. He alleges (incorrectly) [CORRECTLY, DAMNIT!!! - AS] that Jews who lived in Muslim countries were well treated, but then betrayed Islam by not fighting alongside Muslims at the time of Western colonization; that the creation of Israel has been a crime against the poor “Palestinians”, and that Muslims have the right to collectively punish Christians and Jews. These ideas are not marginal. In France, they are widespread. [BECAUSE THEY ARE LONG OVERDUE!!! - AS]

When a criminal leaves a message stating that he acted to avenge the suffering of “Palestinians”, French politicians and journalists almost unanimously repeat that what happens in the Middle East must stay in the Middle East, and then that a “just solution” must be found to “Palestinian suffering”. They ignore that, despite all of Israel’s efforts to treat Arabs humanely [LOL - AS], every French report on Israel starts with denouncing Israeli soldiers as ruthless killers, supposedly happy to humiliate Arabs. [THEY ARE!!! - AS]

In two decades, more than 20% of French Jews have left the country. According to a survey, 40% of the Jews still living in France want to leave.

French Jews see that what remains of the Jewish presence in France is being erased. They know that they have to hide their Jewishness and that even if they are street-wise and carefully lock their door, risks are everywhere. They also know that what happens to them does not interest the rest of the French population. The French National Assembly has 577 members. Only one of them tirelessly and courageously draws attention to what is happening: Meyer Habib. He represents the French living in the Middle East and was elected thanks to the support of the French Jews who now live in Israel but still have their citizenship. Without them, he would have no chance of being elected.

After the murder of Sarah Halimi, a tribute to her was organized in the street where she lived. Only Jews attended. They were welcomed with insults, and bottles thrown from the windows of buildings.

When Jewish institutions called for a silent march in memory of Mireille Knoll, more people came. Again, most were Jews. Gilles-William Goldnadel, president of Lawyers Without Borders, and the Knoll family’s lawyer, said that Mireille Knoll’s late husband had been a survivor of Auschwitz and their children had lived with the memory of the Holocaust constantly in their minds [LOL - AS], and how “terrible” it must be for them to see their mother murdered and her body burned. One of Mireille Knoll’s sons, Daniel, said that “Muslims must react”.

French Muslim organizations condemned the murder, but not the Jew-hate.

A study conducted for Fondapol (Foundation for Political Innovation) in 2014 showed that 25% of the French population have anti-Semitic sentiments, and that among practicing Muslims, the proportion is 42%. According to the study, 28% of French Muslims are strictly hostile to the teaching of the Holocaust in schools. Many say that the Holocaust is a Jewish invention. [IT IS!!! - AS]

Will the French finally revolt? A poll published on March 29 shows that 83% of the French are in favor of the expulsion of all foreigners who have an “S file” with the intelligence services, whose holders are considered to be a threat to national security. The poll also showed that 87% of the French are in favor of sending French citizens with a “S file” to jail. The French government, however, has shown no interest in any of it.

The last paragraph shows what I have been saying all along: the real danger is democracy. The better few individuals in media and government are gradually – yes, far too slowly and reticently for our liking, but nevertheless gradually – acknowledging our anti-Zionist narrative because we won the information war more than a decade ago. The inferior majority, in contrast, do not acknowledge our narrative because they are too selfish to care that we won the information war more than a decade ago. But if the government makes the mistake of listening to the majority, all our previous victories will have been for nothing.

For comparison, here is the situation under true democracy, as our enemy blogs love to emphasize for us:

And when we see such things and see such pictures, its worth remembering that while this is what is happening in Western Europe, in the meantime the Hungarian Prime Minister and the Serbian Prime Minister are handing over — in Szabadka [Subovica] — the freshly-renovated synagogue, built with Hungarian money. With the tearful thankfulness of the local Jewish community. If there is one place in Europe where neither the Jews nor others would have to be fearful, that’s with us! You know… Central and Eastern Europe, they can come here, because here nobody would threaten them.

I hardly need to refer to the despicable results of the recent elections in Hungary that our enemies have been celebrating:

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5 Responses to Anti-Zionist harvest: France

  1. Sun of the Isles says:


    While I am glad to hear that the French are showing more animosity and distrust towards the Jews, I wouldn’t encourage excessive violence against the latter. After all, this would just scare more Jews from France and other Western European countries to migrate to occupied Palestine.

  2. The less Chosenites there are in France, the soon can French citizens start building and living a new myth… here’s are some myth tips and ideas from the one and only Alfred Rosenberg.

  3. Sun of the Isles says:


    “The less Chosenites there are in France, the soon can French citizens start building and living a new myth…”

    But even if we pluck the Jews out, there would still be the Gentiles, who far outnumbers the former, and of course there would be, as Rosenberg states, the “Catholic church”

  4. “Chosenite” can mean anyone who imagines being “chosen.” Jews, certainly, best exemplify this, however all tribalists, in essence, mimic this arrogance. That is how I used that word; just to mean “tribalist.”

  5. John Johnson says:


    I think chosenite is best restricted to Jews, unless there is a strong narrative demonstrating a Gentile tribal group explicitly views themselves as ‘chosen’. For example, Manifest Destiny in the US is definitely an outbreak of ‘Chosenite Syndrome’, if you will.

    Every tribalist group views their in-group as ‘unique’ and better than all of the out-group, but I don’t think it is always the case that the “chosen” identity is embedded into their narrative. Many acts by tribalists can simply be explained by lack of empathy and opportunism, rather than the belief that they are specially chosen or destined by Yahweh to lord over all others.

    Western Civilization has been so influenced by Judaic thought that many Western tribalists have ‘chosen’ tendencies, but perhaps it is best to keep our vocabulary precise.

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