Anti-Zionist harvest: Brooklyn II

What might have seemed impossible only years ago is now reality:

A Jewish Councilman Who Said ‘Palestine Does Not Exist’ Loses Seat on Immigration Committee

as more Palestinian immigrants have settled in New York, the political calculus has grown slightly more complicated, as seen last week, when Kalman Yeger, a Brooklyn councilman who represents the Orthodox Jewish community of Borough Park, took to Twitter on Wednesday to state that “Palestine does not exist.”

Mr. Yeger’s remarks came after Zainab Iqbal, a journalist for Bklyner, reported that Mr. Yeger had referred to “so-called Palestinians” in a tweet. He responded by calling Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota anti-Semitic. The councilman’s pronouncements led to a cascade of criticism calling his comments “hateful” and “Islamophobic,” and prompted demands for an apology and his removal from the City Council’s immigration committee.

The latest such call came from Mayor Bill de Blasio, who said on Friday that if Mr. Yeger is “not going to apologize, he shouldn’t be on that committee.”

On Monday, the City Council’s leadership team met for more than an hour and decided to remove Mr. Yeger from the immigration committee, The New York Times has learned. There was “broad consensus” that Mr. Yeger’s views were inconsistent with the committee’s mission, participants said.

“I do not believe that someone who engages in the type of rhetoric we heard from Council Member Yeger belongs on the immigration committee, which is supposed to welcome and support immigrants in our city,” Corey Johnson, the Council’s speaker, said in a statement.

in 2016, the City Council passed a resolution condemning the call for a boycott of Israel over its treatment of Palestinians.

The reaction to Mr. Yeger’s remarks suggests that things are changing.

Yes, we are winning. Previously in the same neighbourhood:

The politicians are changing their tune because they see who owns the streets. For more change, the answer is more street activism. And no more of this pathetic limitation to punching, please. The Second Amendment was not written so that Americans could buy firearms and then go and punch their targets. It sounds obvious when I say it, doesn’t it?

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8 Responses to Anti-Zionist harvest: Brooklyn II

  1. Saladin says:

    @ SS DAN

    According to ISIS and Israel:

    ISIS explains why it’s not attacking Israel.

    “The Islamic State said in its weekly newspaper that it has not focused on attacking Israel because it does not believe the Palestinian cause is more significant than other issues affecting Muslims.”

    What ISIS and Israel do:

    Burning Palestinian flag &

    Beheads Muslims and Christians or Non-Jews.

    Israel in regular contact with Syrian rebels and ISIS

    When ISIS accidentally attacked Israel, this happens. LOL

    ISIS means = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

    Same with Al-Qaeda and its proxies = Mossad

  2. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    I, an Israeli citizen, joined ISIS and lived to tell the tale

  3. SS DAN says:

    That wasnt my question saladin we all Know that Isis is against nationalism whereas sunnis like Taliban and Hamas are more nationalistic and defend their border and want to implement sharia among their people but my question is still what happened to the NS Muslim alliance ?

    BTW I grew up with people who now fight for ISIS. Assads grandfather sold out the Golan heights his senior took out the Syrian troops after receiving money from the Israelis

  4. ItIsWhatItIs says:

    @SS DAN:

    There is a lot of bad information in that link you provided.

    “The most cited source for the story Jewish bankers paved the way for Hitler is Hitler’s Secret Backers, supposedly by a Jewish banker named Sidney Warburg.

    First of all, there was no Sidney Warburg. But those who actually read the spurious book (and most who cite it haven’t read it) will find the unknown author says—in contrast to what people think he said—that Jewish bankers didn’t finance Hitler. Instead, the book claims some naughty non-Jewish bankers did so.

    But even that isn’t true. An accurate assessment by James Pool in Who Financed Hitler absolutely refutes the legend big banking or industrial interests played a substantial role funding Hitler. Most of the Nazi Party’s money came from small contributions and sales of literature.”…

    Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild & Hitler

  5. Cassie Raynes says:

    Funny how people here claim Jews/Israel have too much control, power and influence over the media considering how vehemently anti-Israel the media is.

    Yet the same people who complain about too much Jewish power and influence over global affairs are constantly trying to dictate Israel’s policies and demanding government intervention in social media to shut down and block pro Israel/Jewish pages and groups.

    Fyi, Hitler was a leftist and revered Karl Marx:

  6. SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer Daniel says:

    Hitler saw Marx as a Jew, but as a Jew yourself you like to deceive and claim he loved Marx who was a Zionist Jew, just like how Netanyahu tries to deceive people by thinking that Hitler was convinced by a Muslim to ”kill the Jews”. I agree that Hitler was a leftist, he was a TRUE LEFTIST.

  7. SS DAN says:

    ItIsWhatItIs i Know that there is Some disinfo There for example he like to portray Jews as victims but not no mention of things like this ““We have lived in peace and amity with the Jews for centuries. Only when Great Britain came here trouble started. This heightened the arrogance of the Zionists who were unwilling to abandon arriere pensee of a Jewish state. At the same time in the matter of fixing the blame in the recent outbreaks no doubt the Palestine Government is on the Arab side, because it recognizes we have been provoked and our case is just.” Written in 1929

    but my point is to show the alliance between muslims and SS

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