Anti-Zionist harvest: Brooklyn edition

One video showed a 51-year-old Jewish man being beaten to the ground by three young men, who seemed to select him at random. Another showed an Orthodox Jewish man being chased across the street by a man wielding a tree branch. A third showed an Orthodox Jewish man hanging on to a fence as an assailant jumped and choked him.

The three incidents, all of which took place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, in the past year, have raised alarms in the neighborhood and in the city’s large Orthodox Jewish community as a whole. Hate crimes are up citywide, but in Crown Heights, they have taken a particularly violent turn.

There were 55 hate crimes reported in New York City this year as of Feb. 17, an increase of 72 percent over the same period last year, the police said. Anti-Semitic crimes made up almost two-thirds of that, for a total of 36 crimes reported so far this year, compared with 21 last year.

The steep rise comes after a year when hate crimes were already increasing. Anti-Semitic crimes in 2018 were up 22 percent compared with 2017.

The wave of anti-Semitic attacks in Brooklyn continued on Saturday, when two men threw an object into the large front window of a Chabad Synagogue in Bushwick, Brooklyn, at about 2 a.m. No one was injured. The attack, which shattered the window, is being investigated as a possible bias crime, police said.

This is how attention is captured. People looking into the issue will then learn why such attacks actually do not even scratch the surface of what is deserved by their targets.

One repeat offender may be making the hate-crime increase look particularly intense, the Police Department’s chief of detectives, Dermot Shea, has said.

“We’ve had one individual account for 10 to 15 separate incidents,” Chief Shea said at a Feb. 5 news conference.

Superheroes really do exist.

But in Crown Heights, the increase in hate crimes has been more shocking because it has been marked by violent, seemingly unprovoked attacks on men and women in Jewish garb, many of which have been caught on surveillance video, and then widely viewed online. In many cases, there is no robbery, only the random attack.

Since October, there have been 15 violent, anti-Semitic incidents directed against ultra-Orthodox Jews in the neighborhood, according to an Israeli organization that tracks anti-Semitic incidents. Devorah Halberstam, the community liaison to the 71st Precinct, which covers Crown Heights, said she believes there have been even more than that.

“We need to go back to the drawing board. We cannot allow it to continue,” Ms. Halberstam said. “Walking down street and getting punched in the stomach? This is insanity.”

I agree. The IDF does not just punch Palestinians. They use bullets and bombs.

In January alone, several Orthodox Jews were punched, seemingly unprovoked, in broad daylight on Kingston Avenue, the main Jewish thoroughfare in Crown Heights. In late January, a 22-year-old Yeshiva student was beaten on the street while calling his parents on the phone in Australia. A few hours later, a 51-year-old man was beaten so badly by the same assailants that he was hospitalized.

The police have made arrests in many of these attacks, much to the relief of residents. Still, they wonder what is provoking this wave of violence.

Jewish behaviour, perhaps? (And, OK, if you insist, I will take some credit for exposing such behaviour over the years.)

many of the assailants arrested by the police have been young men of color.

Mr. Davis, the Democratic district leader for the 43rd Assembly District, said that one need not look far to realize what can happen when tensions in the community between black residents and Jews go unaddressed.

He recalled the Crown Heights riots of 1991, when the neighborhood was thrown into turmoil for three days after a car escorting the Lubavitcher rebbe, the leader of the Chabad Jewish movement, struck two small children of Guyanese immigrants, killing one. During the rioting, a Jewish student was stabbed to death by a black assailant.

So imagine what happens when people learn that Jews were major players in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade…..

Crown Heights is the global headquarters of Chabad, an ultra-Orthodox movement, and thousands of its affiliated families live there.

Rabbi Cohen said that Orthodox Jews in Crown Heights have largely gone about living their lives during this latest spike in crime. “There is concern when you open your computer and see another incident, but I don’t think it’s at a point where people feel that they are not safe on the streets,” he said.

Of course there remains much room for improvement. Jews are not supposed to be safe on the streets. If safety is what they want, they should voluntarily refrain from reproducing, whereupon in one generational cycle there will be no Jews remaining in the streets to be unsafe. But of course they will not do this, especially not Chabads (Hasidic subdenomination):

The first mitzvah in the Torah is “to be fruitful and multiply.” As the verse in Genesis1 states: “And G?d said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth…’” After the Flood, G?d repeated this commandment to Noah: “And G?d blessed Noah and his sons, and He said to them2: ‘Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.’”3

This mitzvah is considered a “great mitzvah” and in some cases even overrides certain other laws.4

Furthermore, by having children one is actually hastening the ultimate redemption. In the words of the Talmud,5 “The son of David [Moshiach] will not come until there are no more souls in the [Heavenly storage house called] guf.” In a similar vein, the Midrash6 tells us: “Just like the Jews were redeemed from Egypt in the merit of their having children, so too they will be redeemed in the future in the merit of having children.”7

One who intentionally does not fulfill this mitzvah is considered analogous to a murderer – for he, too, has depleted life – and is said to be minimizing the Divine presence in this world.8 From this we understand that one who does fulfill this mitzvah is increasing the Divine presence in this world.

an informed estimate gives figures ranging upward from 3.3 children in “modern Orthodox” families to 6.6 in Haredi or “ultra-Orthodox” families to a whopping 7.9 in families of Hasidim. These numbers are, of course, difficult to pin down definitively, but anecdotal evidence is compelling. In a single year, according to a nurse at one hospital in the Lakewood, New Jersey area serving a right-wing Orthodox population, 1,700 babies were born to 5,500 local families

It does not take a prophet to discern the eventual impact of these trends.

Absent countermeasures, they will roughly quadruple in numbers every generation. Merely punching them is not a serious countermeasure, as this rarely stops them from reproducing. Whatever activism does not stop them from reproducing is ultimately not enough. Judaic scripture is evil, but it is not mistaken.

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8 Responses to Anti-Zionist harvest: Brooklyn edition

  1. Polinc Socjus says:

    The article said someone suggested chess tournaments to ease tension between their communities. I doubt the Chosen People will resist the urge to gloat about their superior intelligence. Maybe if one is overheard saying something like “dumb kushim,” people will start going for their balls.

  2. Cassie Raynes says:

    How is encouraging Jews to reproduce evil? Who gave you the authority to instruct Jews how to conduct family planning? Is it our fault that your “glorious race” is increasingly opting not to have children?

  3. ItIsWhatItIs says:


    “How is encouraging Jews to reproduce evil?”

    Because Jewish identity and Judaism are evil.

  4. Cassie Raynes says:


    It’s amusing how antisemites who read from Nazi blogs and sites now claim to be experts on Judaism and Jewish literature without knowing the ideology and philosophy behind it. I doubt you spoke to a rabbi or a scholar. I’ve debated with the likes of you and 9 times out of ten, you have no clue what you are talking about.

    What exactly is evil about Jewish identity? Why are people praised and respected for expressing pride in their faith, beliefs and culture except for Jews?

    Jews aren’t going to stop procreating for the likes of you. I’m expecting my second child as we speak.

  5. Manuel Nigao says:

    @Cassie Raynes

    Jews have presented themselves as the enemy of all mankind, they are our sworn enemy, the way how they see us as ”goyim” is the real evil of this world.

    And if you’re an actual Jew based on the comment you’ve just made, you’re our enemy and you’d never be part of our folk.

  6. Manuel Nigao says:

    The white folk that is. Not the shit this site talks of.

  7. Janus says:

    @Cassie Raynes To start off, I have nothing to do with this website or the dissident Manuel Nigao.

    The very fact that people are attempting to publicly discuss the Jewish question with a Jew demonstrates their profound ignorance of Hitler’s ideology.

    >It’s amusing how antisemites who read from Nazi blogs and sites now claim to be experts on Judaism and Jewish literature without knowing the ideology and philosophy behind it.

    Not all anti-Semites get their views from National Socialism and not all anti-Semites are against non-jewish Semites. There are several kinds of anti-Semitism: the Strindberg variety (who was far worse than a Julius Streicher), religious/traditional (Christian, Muslim, pagan), reactionaries, racialists, anti-Zionists. Only the last two base their arguments on what they plainly see before them. And again, all of these fall under either emotionally reasoned or mentally reasoned anti-Semitism.

    But soaring above all of these petty or short-sighted anti-Semites are the humanistic cultivated anti-Semites, who often start off as thorough philo-Semites, typically had Jewish acquaintances, made exceptions for certain Jewish individuals, and exercised great restraint in their hatred. Examples of this variety: Hitler, Goebbels, Julian, Voltaire, Fichte, Schopenhauer, Goethe, Houston S. Chamberlain, Nietzsche, Rousseau, etc.

    >What exactly is evil about Jewish identity? Why are people praised and respected for expressing pride in their faith, beliefs and culture except for Jews?

    I think a fellow Jew put it best: “For me, being Jewish was wrapped up in our collective history, my family, my identity. I had never before considered Jewishness as a spiritual path.”

    One who is truly international invariably maintains interest in other civilizations. Jews only exalt the merits of their own race or attempt to monopolize the great men of other nations as Jews.
    Most religions are based on one-sided histories rather than facts. What distinguishes Hitler’s ideology from the other religions is that he based it on reality, such as teachings of self-reliance and an emphasis on a healthy body. It doesn’t require insight into the history of Germany. The basis of knowledge can be applied universally, although his movement is not suited for all.

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