Anti-Zionist harvest: Berlin edition

Data assembled by RIAS Berlin, an antisemitism monitoring organization, showed that there were 404 reported antisemitic outrages during the first half of 2019 — an average of two per day. While the great majority of these incidents were confined to verbal insults and abuse, there were 13 instances of physical attacks and 20 instances of damage to Jewish communal property.

The RIAS report named three Berlin neighborhoods — Mitte, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg —  where Jews were at the greatest risk of being attacked. All three sections contain high concentrations of the Muslim communities that compose 10 percent of Berlin’s overall population. Approximately 30,000 Jews live in Berlin, including a growing community of Israeli emigrants.

In January, a woman traveling on a bus in the Mitte neighborhood was assaulted by a Muslim male passenger who overheard her speaking in Hebrew on her cellphone. A similar incident was reported in May, when a woman speaking Hebrew in Kreuzberg was spat upon and insulted as a “yahudi” and “child murderer.”

At the militantly anti-Zionist “Al Quds Day” rally in May, one Islamist protester told a counter-demonstrator, “Hitler needs to come back and kill the rest of the Jews.”

And in June, a young man in the Rathaus Steglitz underground station who told three men that he was Jewish after they demanded to know his religion was viciously punched to the ground without a further word being exchanged.

RIAS Berlin warned that an “antisemitic background noise” was increasingly shaping daily life in Berlin.

“The alarming thing is that someone being recognized as a Jew because of their Star of David necklace, or because they are speaking Hebrew, is enough to cause an attack,” the antisemitism monitoring group commented.

The top priority now is to physically destroy AfD:

Generation Identity:

and all other far-right groups hostile to Muslims. As long as the Muslim community can continue a steady demographic growth undisturbed, I guarantee Jews will have no future in Germany.

But if the far-right groups are not physically destroyed, they are likely to rise in popularity faster than the demographic shift. As stated in the article above, Muslim Germans are at present only 10% of the population. AfD, on the other hand, was already getting 12.6% of the vote in 2017 as compared to 4.7% in 2013:

Which % do you think will be higher by the time of the next election if nothing is done?

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8 Responses to Anti-Zionist harvest: Berlin edition

  1. Shire says:

    I created a PRO-NAZI WEBSITE:

  2. Shire says:

    The image is the image of Jaganath (pbuh), a Naxi God.

    I will address more on him later.

  3. William Eastfield says:

    GoDaddy? Now that’s gangster.

  4. Shire says:

    That is the wrong website.

  5. Shire says:

    It is just to share an image basically of the Nazi God, Jagannath.

  6. Shire says:

    @ William Eastfield

    If you are a Jew, I would like to tell you that the image is the only thing that I wanted to share of the main Nazi God

  7. Shire says:

    Go do your homework its is just an image, William…

  8. William Eastfield says:

    I wasn’t insulting you for using of that Jagannath character. I was actually complimenting you for using GoDaddy since I hear only pimps use it. There’s a reason why they call it “GoDaddy”, you know.

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