Anti-Zionist harvest: beauty pageant edition

The runner-up in this year’s Miss France beauty contest said it was disheartening to see that “we are still here in 2020” in response to a barrage of anti-Semitic abuse she received online after mentioning that her father was Israeli.

Paris prosecutors on Monday said they had opened an inquiry into “racist insults and provoking racial hatred” against April Benayoum, 21, who is reigning Miss Provence and came second in the national pageant on Saturday night.

The offence of publishing anti-Semitic remarks carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison and a €45,000 (£41,000) fine.

Among the 40,000 tweets citing Miss Provence and Israel on Saturday night, one read “Hitler forgot about this one” and another “Don’t vote for a Jew”. The slurs marred an event watched by more than eight million people on TF1, France’s biggest TV channel.

Our message continues to spread:!/

Also, since this is a beauty pageant, let’s note how ugly Benayoum is:

During the contest, she told judges that her mother was Serbo-Croat and her father was Israeli-Italian, leading to a barrage of abuse on Twitter.

We should encourage insults towards her maternal bloodline also:

Anti-Zionism can and should be integrated into broader anti-Turanism.

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One Response to Anti-Zionist harvest: beauty pageant edition

  1. AS says:

    Let’s not forget to laugh at our enemies’ inferior aesthetical tastes: (comments)

    Stunningly beautiful woman . The haters are just jealous that they will never experience the company of such a wonderful woman. Damn if she is the runner up I would probably have a heart attack if I saw the winner.

    Don’t anybody tell the haters that according to Jewish law the beautiful lady is not Jewish because her mother is not Jewish.

    Oh my word. A beautiful woman.


    The winner? For the record, she is ugly too:×607/smart/1b961d432c4848e0b94859ec31ac856e/ccmcms-jdf/20941577.jpg

    Of course, ugliest of all is the Western architecture:,,forcex/img/var/news/storage/images/paris-match/people/suivez-le-concours-miss-france-2020-en-images-et-en-direct-1717549/les-candidates-a-miss-france-2021-visitent-versailles-1/28323532-1-fre-FR/Les-candidates-a-Miss-France-2021-visitent-Versailles-1.jpg

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