Anti-Zionist Christianity incoming!

It is happening. As I told you it would be. Our enemies report for us as usual:

the Swedish Jerusalem Society publishes a journal in which the content, although often about Israel, has a tone that is extremely hostile and biased.

in an interview with Palestinian politician Mustafa Barghouti, he compares the State of Israel to apartheid South Africa. It is important to highlight that when Barghouti made this comparison during the interview, no critical questions were asked of him. There were also no representatives from the Israeli side allowed there to comment or provide any kind of rebuttal. Consequently, what permeates the contents of the organization’s journal is the demonization of Israel.

The majority of the board members of the Swedish Jerusalem Society have been, or still are, employed by one of Sweden’s largest institutions, the Church of Sweden – and reciprocally, the Church of Sweden has an official representative on the board of the Swedish Jerusalem Society. That an association hostile to Israel has a close relationship with the Church of Sweden is not a surprise: this author has previously chronicled how the Church of Sweden supports the false, highly distorted Kairos Palestine Document.

For those unaware:

And the original document which inspired the above:

Back to the article:

The main activity of the Swedish Jerusalem Society in the Palestinian territories now seems to consist of raising financial support for Good Shepherd’s Swedish School in Bethlehem. Although the school, which offers education from the first grade in elementary school through high school, is officially a Christian school, 98% of its students come from Muslim homes.

Yes, here is an example of Muslims happily attending a Christian school, something the Islamophobes tell us that Muslims would never be willing to do due to Muslims supposedly “despising all other religions”. The Islamophobes are lying, of course. The only reason for Muslim hostility towards many supposedly “Christian” institutions is because those institutions are pro-Zionist. All it takes is for Christian institutions to be openly anti-Zionist (just as Jesus himself was), and Muslims will respect them just as they respect Jesus.

(I suggest the school change its name, though. “Shepherd” sounds Judaic.)

Although Good Shepherd’s Swedish School is marketed by the Swedish Jerusalem Society as a school that promotes peace, Tobias Petersson, director of the think tank Perspective on Israel, has revealed that the textbooks used by Good Shepherd’s Swedish School have jihadi content that encourages holy war against the State of Israel.

The textbooks celebrate the Palestinian terrorist Dalal al-Mughrabi, who was one of a group of 11 terrorists who murdered 38 civilians in Israel, including 13 children, on March 11, 1978. Also, in those textbooks, Jews are described as liars and corrupt. Petersson has reviewed the contents of the school books with Arabic translators living in Sweden. He has also verified the translations by getting second opinions to confirm their accuracy.

Maps in the schoolbooks and on the walls of Good Shepherd’s Swedish School do not show the State of Israel; instead the outline of Israel had been displaced by the identical outline of the “State of Palestine”. The school has opened its arms to controversial Palestinian Greek Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna, who is known for his praising of terrorists and hateful words against Israel.

The Swedish Jerusalem Society, according to information on its website, collects about 1.8 million Swedish kronors a year (roughly $182,000; 167,000 euros) to support Bethlehem’s Good Shepherd’s Swedish School. … 65% of the money given to the Swedish Jerusalem Society comes from Church of Sweden collections throughout Sweden

Currently 57.7% of Sweden’s population are members of the Church of Sweden, which means, out of a national population of not quite ten million, that the Church of Sweden has roughly 5.9 million members.That such a large institution gathers church collections throughout the country to support a school that spreads hatred and warmongering should doubtless be seen as enormously problematic. The practice also shows that not only does Swedish aid go to organizations that spread hate, but also that large institutions in Sweden have opened back-channels to send millions of Swedish kronors every year to schools, such as Good Shepherd’s Swedish School, that also spread hate.

That money is collected in Church of Sweden congregations and sent to Good Shepherd’s Swedish School through the Swedish Jerusalem Society is nothing that the Church of Sweden denies. The Church also acknowledges that there may be anti-Semitism and jihadism in the schoolbooks.

It is regrettable that one of Sweden’s largest official institutions, especially a church, is actually providing funds for the promotion a deadly conflict between the Palestinians and Israel by supporting a school that teaches young Palestinians to hate. A church that funds hate can never be a voice for peace in the world or an example of moral behavior.

No, only a church that funds hate can be a voice for peace in the world and an example of moral behaviour. Because there is no sincere morality that does not hate evil, and because there can be no spiritual peace without justice.

We are now one step closer to reviving Gnostic Christianity, which alone can provide coherent anti-Judaic theological foundations for practical anti-Zionism by Christians. Opposition to Zionism requires opposition to Judaism, and opposition to Judaism requires opposition to Yahweh. Therefore Yahweh cannot be Jesus’ God (something which should have been obvious from his behaviour alone as detailed in the Tanakh). The Tanakh was never meant to be a Christian text.

In the interest of consistency, the most obvious and most reasonable thing that the Church of Sweden should do at this point is to officially dump the Tanakh from its scripture. But will it? The Church of Sweden is Lutheran, so it may have some trouble with this:

“The Jew Goldmann stated their reason plainly enough. ‘Luther has again brought the Old Testament to honor.’ … Even Luther was taken in by the ‘chosen people’. He looked upon the Old Testament as divine revelation. He approached the book with infatuation, convinced that it could contain nothing but sheer preciousness.” – Dietrich Eckart

Then again, the Church of Sweden has proven willing to ignore Luther (and for that matter the Tanakh itself) in other aspects:

A proposal to perform same-sex weddings was approved on October 22, 2009 by 176 of 249 voting members of the Church of Sweden Synod.[8]

so maybe there is hope yet. Why officially cling to a text whose explicit teachings you have already departed from in practice?

(And no, I am not going to explain again the etymological derivation of “bugger”: )

For more on Gnosticism:

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7 Responses to Anti-Zionist Christianity incoming!

  1. Mza9 says:

    Please note that under the Wikipedia article for Universalism a special distinction has to be made in-order to even attempt to claim that Judaism is a ‘universalist religion’:

    Patristic Universalism

    A view held by Early Church Fathers and still held today by the Eastern Orthodox Church. This view was advocated by St Clement of Alexandria, Origen of Alexandria and other Eastern Church Fathers. A type of ‘Universalism’ is held by those in Judaism. More information about the Patristic Era, and Theological view point can be find in various books, encyclopedias, and Church History.

    And this is “the light upon all nations” Jews are supposedly supposed to represent? What a miserable joke! Fucking clown-show!

  2. hanjar says:


    Since you mentioned clowns

    Writer Marilyn vos Savant (born 1946) has an IQ of 228. highest in the world, apparently.

    In these IQ tests, they measure intelligence based largely on mathematical ability, the ability to calculate, which says nothing about emotional IQ, favouring intelligence serving one’s own interest.

    Even the question posed to her by David Letterman was confined to critical thinking about gambling. The premise is inadequate.

    If an IQ test, its questions, were devised by Arthur Schopenhauer, you would have a completely different list of people at the top.

    Author is Savant.

    [quote] “Personally, I view political correctness as merely being polite. That’s not too much to ask of ordinary people speaking in public. In private, I think they should feel free to say anything they like. People running for office, however, are an exception. I believe they should say what they think when speaking to the electorate. Otherwise, voters won’t know them well enough to decide whether they want them in office. And yes, being politically incorrect in public venues will get them inundated with negative attention, but that’s the price one pays for offending the media, which represents society’s prevailing views, or at least what polite voters are willing to say in public!” [end quote]

    Now, because she’s (((smart))), she avoids giving the truthful answer, that Political Correctness is agitation politics designed to trigger views supportive of Israel, agitate bible bashing Christian Zionists to lay down the law of Moses, and usher in a right-wing platform for Zionist takeover.

  3. SS-Oberst-Gruppenführer Daniel says:

    Are you going to write an article about Greta Thunberg AS?

  4. AS says:

    As far as I can tell, Thunberg has said nothing that environmentalists in general (including myself starting in the 90s when I was younger than her!) have not already been saying for ages:

    Therefore I do not find that she brings anything new to the environmental discussion. Rather, the fact that she is even necessary just emphasizes how slow society been in responding. It might have been more suitable for you to post your question here:

  5. Anon says:

    If you want environmental issues to be embraced by lots more people, ditch that annoying swede and use a hot redhead dressed in nothing but leaves as a figurehead. Poison Ivy > greta. Even those uninterested in evo-activism would want to join up if there was the prospect of some elven princess action in the enchanted forest.

  6. Mza9 says:

    I was right initially, Stern is part Jewish after-all. Jews love Neo-Nazism, that is for sure!

    The ‘race whisperer’

  7. Mza9 says:

    That is such a fitting title for a Jew: “The Race Whisperer” ????

    I think one of my podcasts is actually going to be titled:
    “Are You Sure You Know Whose Been Whispering In Your Ear!?”

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