Another step nearer to needing those firearms

If you are not helping to spread our top-priority message that every leftist in the US needs to own and train with firearms, you are not doing your due diligence.–politics.html

The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Sen. Jeff Sessions to be attorney general in the Trump administration despite fierce Democratic opposition to the Alabama Republican over his record on civil rights and immigration.

The 52-47 nearly party-line vote capped weeks of divisive battles over Sessions, an early supporter of President Donald Trump and one of the Senate’s most conservative lawmakers.

If you are unfamiliar with Sessions, please listen to this speech by Elizabeth Warren:

This speech was so powerful that the Senate decided to first interrupt her to tell her what she was not allowed to say, and then shortly after that to outright bar Warren from completing her speech, an event that is being considered a defining moment of the Trump tyranny:

There also appears to be an emerging consensus among leftists that Warren (who a few years earlier was credited as the intellectual driving force behind OWS) should be viewed as the unofficial leader of the anti-Trump movement:

with many even calling for her to run for president herself in 2020. (Rightists, meanwhile, seem to think it was not enough that Warren was barred from speaking, and in their comments call for her to be locked up(!) just for exposing Sessions. So now you see why I keep talking about the need for firearms!) Here is another of her recent speeches opposing Trump’s travel ban:

While she retains in her rhetoric the praise of democracy and “rights” that obviously makes her sound shallow to our National Socialist ears, as a prominent mainstream politician consistently opposing Trump she may be the best we have for now. PACPO should send an entryist into her camp and convince her to change her current position (two-state solution) on Israel. This should not be too difficult considering the ground we have already gained on the issue, which means she is merely being asked to more closely align with her own supporter base:

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4 Responses to Another step nearer to needing those firearms

  1. AS says:

    More on Sessions:

    Other news:

    Rightists are threatening judges’ lives. Leftists are not threatening the lives of Trump and his team. Rightists see this and become more likely to carry out their threats because they do not fear retaliation.

  2. The left needs to learn from Machiavelli:

    The gist:
    Honorable goals are different, though linked with, honorable means. Use both as much as you can, but when someone uses dishonorable means against you, return the means in kind, though stick with you initial and honorable goal.

  3. AS says:

    Another dissenter for PACPO to contact and recruit (Lucius, are you paying attention?):

  4. Dragon_Bishop says:

    ‘We are seeing the beginning of white supremacist movement’ in US

    Day late and a dollar short…

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