A need for sanity

About the Manchester false flag, Veterans Today has it covered (scapegoat’s suspect’s ID found on location as usual!):


This line from their article summarizes the surreal world we now live in:

Even CNN is calling this a likely false flag! And get this – Infowars is OUTRAGED! Has the world turned upside down?

Seriously, digest this for a moment. Whereas the mainstream media has finally been forced to consider serious conspiratorial possibilities that they used to ignore (but which we have been tirelessly educating people about ever since 9/11) in order to maintain their own credibility, Alex Jones & Co. who back in the 2000s used to imagine gargantuan, NWO-masterminded, “they-want-to-insert-a-microchip-inside-your-brain-and-maybe-they-already-have” schemes behind every news event would now rather believe the official story blaming Muslims. Quite simply, we live in an age of inversion. In fact JJ and I were discussing in private the topic of also aesthetic inversion in the present-day world, where our enemies positively prefer to depict themselves as visually ugly (most often as Pepe). Here is an excerpt:

Honestly, if I had never heard of the Alt-Right and I saw a picture like this one which clearly depicts Trump and Le Pen as bullies:


I would have assumed that it had been made by leftists attempting to make them look bad. Yet in fact this is a picture made by rightists to make them look good! This is how the Alt-Right has inverted everything. Here are more examples; in a sane world, we would have assumed that these were made to mock Trump and Le Pen:


Yet in the Alt-Right worldview this is praise! Do you see how insane they are making the world? Another example:


Any sane person would assume that this is pro-Clinton propaganda, yet this is actually pro-Trump propaganda!

This is all about aesthetics. The moment we succeed in flipping people back to appreciation for beauty, the Alt-Right has shot itself in the foot because its overt promotion of ugliness is already on the record and cannot be swept under the rug. Just openly showcasing Alt-Right propaganda as “degenerate art” will suffice, contrasting it with pre-9/11 iconic imagery, just as National Socialist Germany used to do! How about starting a blog dedicated to this? Can you find someone (preferably an American, since the Alt-Right is based in the US) among your contacts for this project?

We need to be the ones to stay sane in times like these so we can eventually guide others back to sanity. This is our most important task throughout these tribulating times. If you would like to help us, please send in a contact form:


After a long period of indecision, I have decided to pull the ZC and BS Lists for now. Ever since the Alt-Right exploded into mainstream awareness, the number of propagandists who would fit these lists has grown so large that it has become not only impractical to keep track of all of them (plus it would be inaccurate to call all non-Jewish ZCs or BSs these days “Gentiles”, since the Alt-Right has been recruiting heavily from the raceless), but ultimately also pointless (or even confusing to newcomers) in an era where the emerging trends have not divided cleanly between ZC and BS, but rather merged into something less coherent than either. Given the wide familiarity with ((())) notation, Jew-awareness is pretty much mainstream, so there remains little of the old Jew-blind ZC. Yet, at the same time, the issue of Jewish power is no longer considered to be the centre of attention. Instead, feminism, LGBT and other gender-related issues are presented by the Alt-Right as the real issues (in relation to which Jewish power is portrayed as a mere detail) - very different from the old BS narrative. The ZC and BS Lists will still exist, just set to ‘Private’ until further notice. In the meantime I will think about what can be done with them. One possibility is to delete all the non-Jews and simply re-release them as lists of  Zionist agents who had been the vanguard for pushing these attitudes in the early post-9/11 years until enough Gentile (and, more recently, raceless) useful idiots took over from them. What do you guys think?

Anyway, the backlash continues to build, and Muslims are bearing the most immediate brunt of it. Consider the following fiction excerpt from our enemies displaying what they fantasize about:

It surprised everybody how fast the French could build concentration camps when they put their minds to it. This led to even more car bombs and rocket attacks, until the French used heavy artillery on the no-go zones. Leveled them. Parts of Paris and the other French cities look like Stalingrad now, but at least they’re one hundred percent French again. Well, in the north, anyway.”

I said, “There must have been a lot of civilian casualties. When push comes to shove, Muslims always use their women and children as human shields.”

“They did — they always do — but this time it didn’t work. Not when the French were in a fight for their national survival. It doesn’t work at all anymore, actually, their hiding behind human shields. The problem with that strategy is that sooner or later somebody calls your bluff, and that’s exactly what the French military did. And being concentrated in Muslim enclaves, in their no-go Sharia zones, well, that vastly simplified matters when it came time to take care of business and end the mess once and for all.”


This increasing popularity of Turner-Diaries-style novels:


is not something to take lightly. I can only recommend all Muslims and those who sympathize with them in any country where Islamophobia is on the rise to not become complacent about your safety, but to get equipped and trained to defend yourselves in the event of any far-right violence targeting you. Above all, you must hold your ground. Do not be tempted to leave just because of Islamophobia, for that is exactly what the Islamophobes (and the Zionists behind them) want you to do.

Amidst our relief that France dodged Le Pen this time, it is my sober duty to point that dodging one bullet after another is not the answer. We are only giving the shooter additional target practice while at the same time tiring ourselves out ducking and weaving, and under such a setup it is only a matter of time before we get hit. In fact, we already got hit with Trump, and we are now dodging bullets while limping and bleeding from the bullet hole (if not for Trump, Le Pen wouldn’t even have reached the second round), with the limping making the bleeding worse. The shooter is not going to run out of ammunition any time soon, and even if we manage to keep dodging, we could easily still bleed to death. What we need to do is grab the gun, kill the shooter, give ourselves first-aid ASAP, and then destroy the enemy’s ammunition factory.

Now is the time to step up attacks on the rest of the Alt-Right rhetoric, but this is the opposite of what is being done by most leftists at present. Following Macron’s win, I have noticed with worry many False Leftists adopting Alt-Right-originated insults for use against the Alt-Right (e.g. “Rightist snowflakes”, “Rightist tears taste delicious.” etc.. This is appalling, and reveals only how the Alt-Right has corrupted leftist minds with their attitudes. (To a much milder extent we have seen this phenomenon even on our own blog, like that time when I had to step in to remind Pandorastop that “small penis” is a compliment, not an insult, in our worldview.)

http://aryanism.net/blog/aryan-sanctuary/its-not-that-difficult/comment-page-3/#comment-172934 (also read BO’s reaction and my further elaboration)

Just as – as shown above - the Alt-Right has (quite appropriately!) chosen what should strike us as a supremely ugly face (Pepe’s) to represent itself visually, similarly the Alt-Right has chosen to characterize itself by attributes that leftists are supposed to be disgusted by: insensitivity, maturity, high sexual dimorphism, etc.. When False Leftists today, instead of reacting by deliberately flaunting their sensitivity, their neoteny, their low sexual dimorphism, etc. (like I frequently demonstrate here - not because I want to show off, but purely to provide examples of how it is done) in order to accentuate the differences between left and right, prefer to ludicrously accuse rightists(!) of sensitivity(!), neoteny(!), low sexual dimorphism(!), etc., and hence suggesting that insensitivity, maturity, high sexual dimorphism, etc. actually belong to the left(!!!), that is every bit as screwed up as CIs accusing Jews of being “fake Israelites” and claiming that they themselves are the “real Israelites”. This has been the case not only in the context of Macron vs Le Pen, but also in the ongoing False Left critique of the Trump administration, where every time (ie. every day) Trump behaves like the hyper-virile Paleolithic Giant alpha male he is, False Leftists do not call him that, but instead call him….. wait for it….. ”childish”. Even if they succeed in annoying rightists, they are on a much deeper level setting back the leftist cause just by reinforcing the traditionalist low opinion towards children. And the same is true of the other insults. It makes sense for rightists to use such insults because they are trying to devalue what we value. It does not make sense for leftists to use the same insults, because in effect we do the rightists’ work for them by doing so.

This is why I look forward to NS straightening all this stuff out with his new True Left site.

I am currently clearing an email backlog. For those expecting a reply from me, sorry for the delay, and please be patient. I will try to get there eventually.

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106 Responses to A need for sanity

  1. AS says:


    “our emphasis on Shia/Sufism”

    Sufism is not a political camp. Some Sufis consider Abu Bakr/Umar/Uthman to be bad guys, other Sufis do not. In other words you can be a Sufi Shia or a Sufi Sunni.

    “what I heard about Shia it seemed to me that definitely certain segments of the Shia had some very outlandish ideas.”

    Could you give examples of these outlandish ideas?

    “Islamophobia, which is actually quite hard to resist to be honest”

    Even most Sunni countries officially do not recognize Israel, which is more than can be said for most non-Islamic countries.

    “I have suggested to Philistine that he contact you. Not sure if he has yet…”

    Thank you. I have not heard from him yet, or at least he has not introduced himself as such in recent contact forms.

  2. Curious says:

    In a previous comment a Aryanist commenting about to be philosopher kings.. I ask: To be a philosopher king do you have to be something like a high king or emperor? Is a monarchy necessary or can it be something like a republican enlightened dictatorship like Lord Protector Cromwell or Hitler?

  3. selfie says:

    hmmm. Anything that criticises “the right” or “the left” is doing a disservice. In fact, the jews keep control by their understanding of and use of kabbalah, which is an ancient system that goes back to the birthplace of aryanism, in India. The jews are a tiny minority of evil and once that evil is wiped out, lo, we will still be here, balancing our left that right, which is the foundation of the universe. So don’t knock it. There is the left pillar and the right pillar and we are both, within and without, in the microcosm and macrocosm. As things grow more Of course, they use it to effect evil, but they have only stolen it, because evil has nothing. Understanding how left and right function together effectively brings balance. Same goes with knocking the “alpha male”. We will always need an alpha male to lead us and drive energy forward. Just because you see distorted versions doesn’t mean we don’t need strong, male leadership. If you are opposed to strong male leadership, then you are living in lala land. These are archetypes. So for example, I’m not particularly maternal, but it doesn’t mean I don’t recognise and encourage the foundational archetype of motherhood among everyone I come into contact with. And I certainly don’t create blogs stating that the role of mothers in families and communities (tribes) needs to be done away with. You need to acknowledge your inner alpha male. How’s that for leftie :)

  4. AS says:


    “it doesn’t mean I don’t recognise and encourage the foundational archetype of motherhood among everyone I come into contact with”

    I recognize the foundational archetype of foppery in all three comments you have posted.

  5. NuminousSun says:


    “And I certainly don’t create blogs stating that the role of mothers in families and communities (tribes) needs to be done away with. You need to acknowledge your inner alpha male.”

    Tell it to a Whiptail Lizard, and see what they say?

    “They all point to the idea that, even in sexually-reproducing species, many animals have long been able to go it alone…”, “Female Australian giant prickly stick insects will mate with males when it suits them, but they have found ways to repel them so they can have young without any male interference.”


  6. AS says:


    You have posted a non-sequitur. Are not those asexually reproducing females mothers nonetheless? How then is citing them a rebuttal of selfie’s criticism of our anti-family position? This could easily lead to confusion among visitors as to what our position is.

    I hope to see you in the comments section of this post:


    where we can work on your debating skills. At present, they are not at the level they need to be at for you to reliably lead the entire True Left movement as you have promised to do and as all of us here have placed our confidence in you to do.

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