2009 in review

A lot has happened in the world this year, and the mood of the masses has become increasingly ugly. I do not consider this a positive development. Positive ideological revolution must indeed be preceded by discontent, but must be built on idealism. Great discontent without greater idealism leads to a mobilization of selfishly aggressive people (generically known as the right wing) who can easily be manipulated against the wrong targets.


I wish to begin by admitting an elementary communication oversight, so that others do not repeat it. I have constantly declared that authentic National Socialism is opposed to racism. However, many right-wingers this year have also been claiming (falsely) that their politics are not racist, but merely about preserving their own racial identity. The result is that many people who first hear my declaration mistakenly assume I am one of those guys, which has led to a lot of confusion.

Let me clarify one more time: I am not interested in preserving any currently existing race or culture. I am interested in starting fresh. In Hitler’s words, underlying National Socialism is “the will to create mankind anew”. Furthermore, I restate a term from the Glossary page:

Preservationism: (non-Aryan) belief that any arbitrary identity should continue to exist just because it already exists, in other words that perpetuation requires no justification

Radicalism in general begins with demanding justification for perpetuation, and Aryanism in particular maintains that no identity deserves continued existence except those committed to eliminating the ignoble aspects within themselves. Otherwise, all identities are indeed arbitrary (in David Myatt’s jargon, “abstractions”). For example, the BNP call to preserve “indigenous Britain” is trivially countered by a call to preserve “contemporary Britain”. Both cannot be preserved (ie. the BNP claim to support the ‘right’ of every identity to be preserved is a complete lie), so why should one feel that the former has greater validity than another, unless one is indeed racist? The question we should really be discussing is: what identity can best ennoble society? (I suggest that ”contemporary Britain minus Jews and Zionist Gentiles (incl. BNP)” might be a decent start.)


Returning to the anti-Zionist movement, I would say we started well in the first half of the year, but then seemed to run out of steam during the second half. Many sites have slowed down or disappeared, but honestly, how many times are we supposed to repeat the same information on Jewish crimes over and over again? Is repetition by itself supposed to accomplish anything?

I have been studying why the right-wingers have been in some ways more effective at rallying support than the anti-Zionists despite anti-Zionist propaganda being better both in quality and in style. Both groups expose crimes, but the right-wingers seem to generate more outrage with less effort. One theory I have is that most people have stronger emotional reactions to small crimes involving individual criminals. In contrast, huge crimes - be it 9/11, the international banking scams, or the IDF slaughtering the Palestinians - are too complicated to generate emotional reactions from many people.

I have no doubt that this behavioural pattern was long known to our enemies. As such, it is clear that the true agenda behind immigration is not “ethnic replacement” as the right-wingers claim, but diversion. By getting their right-wing agents to preoccupy the masses with constantly repeated and exaggerated stories about immigrant crime, they reduce the time and attention available to the masses to learn about Zionism. The giveaway is that the right-wingers have been turning up the volume of their immigrant crime and other race-baiting propaganda in direct proportion to the progress of the anti-Zionist movement.

Pictured – the Israeli English Defence League and their flag:

The idea (promoted by a few dubious activists) that race-baiting can somehow be used to gradually lead people to Zionism has been disproven. Instead, it has only cooled the enthusiasm of non-Jewish minorities towards fighting Jewish domination, because they now believe that hypothetically empowered white Gentiles would treat them even worse than the currently empowered Jews.

The attitude I recommend towards crime propaganda is simple. Nationalists talking about the dangers of immigration are no different from neocons talking about the dangers of terrorism. Both are trying to frighten you into supporting them. This is the way of slavemasters towards slaves, not the way of genuine revolutionaries.


Another issue of frequent controversy is the value of debate between competing movements. Should we debate our enemies? Is debating a waste of time? Or does refusing to debate prevent us from being taken seriously? But does winning a debate translate to winning converts?

I think that now might be a good time – perhaps the last chance before chaos descends – for debates. What worries me most is not that the masses have been successfully distracted by competing movements, but that some would-be intellectuals have followed the masses. While some may be Zionist agents and others may be unscrupulous opportunists, I believe that others still are simply bandwagoners who - seeing the condition of society and in hurry to start doing something – signed up with the first reactionary movement that came along without thinking through the alternatives.

As such, I think the most important issue is to recognize the different types of debating opponent, and respond accordingly. I suggest that those merely interested in showing off their debating skills and wasting everyone’s time should be avoided entirely, while those who have shut off their minds to other viewpoints should be ruthlessly dismantled for the viewing of their audiences, but those who are well-intentioned should be debated respectfully with a view to learning from each other and possibly even achieving synthesis.

Aim for 2010

Speaking to Aryanists in particular, I believe that our most important upcoming aim is to function as a bastion of idealism amid the discontent. Embracing our own rarity as idealists in current times is our only chance to gather like-minded radicals under one banner even as many others flock to movements that preach the opposite of idealism.

With 2012 less than three years away, many people are bringing up end-time prophecies. Savitri Devi prophesized the arrival of Kalki, but according to her, Hitler was the One-Before-Last. I regret to point out that she has oversimplified the matter. She correctly diagnosed Hitler as possessing too much Sun and not enough Lightning (her terminology), but she optimistically presumed that the one after him would automatically achieve the perfect balance. I believe that, had she lived to see current conditions, she would by now have realized the great danger of the next influential leader getting the balance wrong the other way ie. possessing too much Lightning and not enough Sun. In which case there will be not a true revolution, but only further descent.

We are one of the only groups right now that - in the present swing of the pendulum towards an unprecedently vicious and cynical right-wing - continues to use the Sun (swastika) as our symbol. Our purpose in this struggle is clear. We are Men Against Time. We must stop the pendulum in its tracks.

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  1. Severus says:

    You popped up in my stats. I have linked to you from here:



  2. oregoncoug says:

    Kamerad AS,

    Your essay here goes into some profoundly deep waters. To begin my commentary, if National Socialism is “the will to create mankind anew,” so was the Roman Empire and historic Christianity. Kristos is forever new! He is the Daybreak, the Morning Star, the Destroyer of Time. Roman Law has always been inspired by its goal of the Reign of Saturn, something not distinct from a Reign of Our Lord Lucifer, or an Aryan Empire Against Time.

    Preservationism is precisely the evil for which Lucifer Christ in His Gospels so sternly condemns the Pharisees. Their deadly error of biologism or biological determinism is of course the central error of Judeo-Christianity generally. Having been born they henceforth see themselves, with their false understanding of freedom, as too good for morality and duty whereas for Aryanists and National Socialists moral duty is everything. For us true freedom is the opportunity to do our moral duty in a civilized world. (Love is a miracle we receive, not an action we can do.)

    “Contemporary Britain minus Jews and Zionist Gentiles…” Bullseye! All who contemplate those words with care will understand you are an idealist’s idealist. The Lionheart would be proud.

    Like Savitri Devi, I’m an optimist (although thereby quite possibly oversimplistic). My take on the Sun-Lightening relationship is that this is not different from the Islam-Christianity relationship and could also be described as the Divine Compassion/Divine Wrath relationship. Perhaps Kristos/Lucifer is Lord of Compassion yet not incapable of wrathfulness when necessary and in that dread capacity also known as Allah, Lord of Wrath. Perhaps an intelligent fear of (oversimplistic!!!) Islamic justice is not different from preventative filial Fear of the Lord.

    Your condemnation of using fear to inspire followers is much more defining of Kristian Aryans than you may know. Our Aryan ancestors were careful to inspire Europeans with the Divine Beauty of Christ, yet another indication that they always knew Our Lord Christ is also Luciferos or the epitome of aesthetic perfection.

    As for your comments on rhetoric, I beseech you to write a heavy book on the subject! It would be like the Pauline Epistles of a new religion. The razor-sharp ghost of Derrida is gazing down on you with rapt attention, alongside Goebbels.

    Savitri Devi’s presumption of perfect balance in the Man To Come does have its reasons that go back into remote stretches of our long European Aryan history. The core dynamic within Kristian Europe that finally destroyed her was a struggle between sacerdotium and imperium, between Pope and Emperor. The Emperors labored for centuries to raise up the Papacy to ever greater heights until the Chair of Peter reached such altitudes that the Papacy destroyed Imperial Aryan Europe to maintain its jealous exalted independence. From that fatal rivalry derive all our woes.

    The Holy War with Islam (fed by judaic slanderers) enabled the Popes to keep the Imperial Power subordinate and compassionate until the great Russian General Suvorov defeated the power of Islam on December 22, 1790 at Izmail. Then European history revolved around a clash between Gallicans and Ultramontanes until Empress Victoria and her pious nephew Kaiser Wilhelm II destroyed the Gallicans by dismissing Otto von Bismarck in 1890. After that the Catholics were supreme in Germany and the death of Otto Rahn on March 13, 1939, marked a final incorporation of this Gallican legacy into the Catholic fold. A rapprochement followed between Church and State so that although Himmler was certainly the greatest of Pagans he was also firmly within the Catholic Establishment of his day. Since the Ragnorok of ’45 both sacerdotium and imperium have dissolved to nourish with equal parts of rigor and mercy the conception and birth of Esoteric Hitlerism (aka Aryanism). As such we stand within a charmed circle of the divine favor and are the Folk of the Fifth Gospel, the Good News of Lucifer. We possess the Lightening of Imperial Gallicanism and the Sun of Papal Ultramontanism in their complete totality and that, our own seeding, has cost Aryan Europe her life.

    I’m optimistic enough to hope that “the next influential leader” you fear will be too much Lightening is actually the one the Muslims call their Mahdi. As a Muslim he must be essentially nothing except Lightening! It is this man, known to Nostradamus as the King of Terror, who is destroying forever our Eternal Enemy Old Israel; that is his purpose. The very sands of Asia are weapons in his cruel hands.

    BUT… Yes, there is a caveat here vaster than the galaxy or very many galaxies. According to the Prophet Mohammed, p.b.u.h., this Mahdi will be unable to destroy Time. He is not the long-awaited One! It may be this Mahdi whom you sense approaching who is, as I have mentioned, not only “too Lightening,” but who is the Lightening Itself. He approaches no more; he is upon us with blasts that appear to be the great hail of Armageddon. Those against whom he wars have no hope of mercy, no prospect of anything but Islamic Law. To war against the Madhi of Islam is like warring against a Black Hole; we should leave the Judeo-Christian dead to bury their own. For their gods are thirsty…

    Mohammed has taught the Muslims that the only One who can and will defeat the Juden is Lucifer the Christ, who we also know as the Leader of Arya, Kalki, Parsifal, the Spirit of Adolph Hitler, the Man To Come. When He appears the judaic Darkness shall be no more.

    Catholic mystics associate Him with Guadalupe, a River of Love in southern Spain, renowned for its aphrodisiac powers. The great prophecy of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe teaches us that one day raising up their heads from drinking those rose-scented vermillion and golden waters at the break of dawn a people twice born shall become free of the Old Testament. Guadalupe, the Immaculada, is also the verdant virgin goddess of Aryan warriors, of the Americas as well as of the Green Men.

    When that damned pendulum is stopped by Arya it will shatter to smithereens!

    In the All-Conquering Sunwheel of Arya,

    Sieg Heil

  3. wolfgang says:

    I grew up in Germany. Your fascination with Islam is lost on me. Islam is not native to Europe. Islam is an invading ideology and ethnic group. Just because they hate the jews doesn’t give them the right to inhabit Europe. They are not our friends when they tae over large sections of Europe and practice their own culture. I”m with the BNP, the NPD, The FN and other European nationalist groups on this. The Turks and moslems may be allies, but only if they stay in their part of the world. They need to leave Europe asap.

  4. “The Turks and moslems may be allies, but only if they stay in their part of the world. They need to leave Europe asap.”

    This statement is a contradiction. One cannot ally themselves with another by staying in their own country of sphere of influence. This notion of tribalism is why the Zionists are winning. The refugees don’t need to leave, they need to come together and unite with the European peoples to enact true Aryan change. You’re letting white nationalists and Nazis influence you.

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