On Geopolitical Lies

Following from my previous post, I want to discuss some more of the lies surrounding events in Ukraine. The purpose of this post is not to discuss the events in the Ukraine, although you are welcome to do so in comments. It is use them to point out some things that are worth bearing in mind in the future. What I am going to say does not just apply to the Ukraine crisis, but in geopolitical issues all around the world.


I have heard some people condemn the government in Ukraine as illegal. This is a very common red herring. Similarly, I have heard people say the Israeli occupation of Palestine is illegal. I have heard people say the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were illegal. (Illegal to whom? Obviously, the British and American government think they are legal. Do these people support the subordination of national governments to international organisations?) The flaw in this argument is that by saying we should condemn something because it is illegal, we imply that if it were legal, it would be justified. In fact, even if the Israeli occupation of Palestine were legal, it would still be immoral. Contrary to the view of Liberals and democrats, morality is not something decided by majority consensus.

‘For no nation on earth possesses a square yard of ground and soil by decree of a higher Will and in virtue of a higher Right. The German frontiers are the outcome of chance, and are only temporary frontiers that have been established as the result of political struggles which took place at various times. The same is also true of the frontiers which demarcate the territories on which other nations live. And just as only an imbecile could look on the physical geography of the globe as fixed and unchangeable–for in reality it represents a definite stage in a given evolutionary epoch which is due to the formidable forces of Nature and may be altered to-morrow by more powerful forces of destruction and change–so, too, in the lives of the nations the confines which are necessary for their sustenance are subject to change. State frontiers are established by human beings and may be changed by human beings.’ – Adolf Hitler, being honest

Anyone who thinks that being legal makes something right or being illegal makes it wrong is nothing but an obedient slave, since they uphold whatever values legislators tell them they should instead of following their own conscience. And yet it is these slaves who mock National Socialists for ‘only following orders’, thereby demonstrating their stupidity in addition to their slavishness.

Besides this slavish view that holds that legislators (or any other human being) have the power to decide what is right and what is wrong, there are two other views.

The first is that morality does not exist. In this view, if someone has control of a territory, they have no ‘right’ to it, and nor does anyone else. It belongs to whoever has power over it at a given time, and if someone succeeds in taking it from them, then it will belong to them instead. This was the view held by people like Nietzsche. It is less absurd than the first view I discussed, but still not of much interest to Aryanists.

As Aryans, our view should be that morality is objective and independent of human opinion. So, as I said, it makes no difference whether some organisation says the Israeli occupation of Palestine is illegal. Even if they were to change their mind and decide it is legal, it would still be immoral. I doubt there are many people who would accept the occupation if the UN or some other body did declare it legal. So, by claiming it does make a difference they are being dishonest.


I have also heard people say that the Russian occupation of the Crimea is justified because Russia has cultural, linguistic, historical and ethnic links to the area. Anyone who cannot see that is a Gentile argument does not understand what a Gentile is. The same argument has been used countless times throughout history by Gentiles as a poor excuse for tribalist behaviour. Our response, as Aryans, to this sort of argument should be ‘So what?’ It is as simple as that.

For a trivial example of this mentality in action, see here:


It is quite ridiculous that human history has worked like the voting on the Eurovision song contest. Of course, now the voting system in Eurovision has been reformed. I wish I could say the same thing for geopolitics.



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  1. Ostmann says:

    A great subject digging to the root of geopolitical machinations,exposing Relativism and the judeo-freemasonic great tool: Democracy,which allows legislators to get away with whatever they think they can as long as they are able to shepherd the morality and values of a majority.As far as cultural,linguistic,historical and ethnic links to an area,I must disagree with Anthony and feel as an “Gentile”,since what we have to work with,AT THIS TIME,is our FOLK[S] and its ties to the earth/locality.Authentic National Socialism and Aryanism have to start some where.The Ukraine also has such a [multi-ethnical] folk.I still try to understand the situation there and I am suspect of all sides.A.Muzychko [Right Sector],according to RT.com,said “I will be fighting Communists.Jews and Russians as long as blood flows in my veins” and was supposedly fighting [and some kind of hero] with the Chechen seperatist.Since NS and Islam share the fundamental view that live is a struggle and both rejecting debt-enslavement,assuming Muzychko’s lament against Jews includes rejecting Zionist owned central banks,one could almost put him and his people in the NS camp,if it were not for their racism against Russians [which could be simply a reaction to long-time Russian racism against Ukrainians,I suspect this since he did not display racism against the ethnicities inhabiting the Caucasus area,fighting with them].But whatever,Authentic NS has to start somewhere,and in Germany too the NSDAP was comprised of different people from almost-communists,nationalists to racists [like Himmler].The construction of an Aryan society would have taken at least one or two live times.The first step in a revolution would be to win over the people and to simply dismiss Blood and Soil as useless Gentilism and to try starting out with the finished product of Aryanism is to put the cart in front of the horse.But I do realize that such a ‘change’ probably would fail anyway,even if being elected, as the enemy has practically control of the world,even more so than in the thirtees.

  2. Anthony says:

    I think the difference between blood and soil and what Putin is saying is that Putin is not proposing any myth or higher idea for them to get united behind. Hitler used similar arguments, but he did so to get Gentile support so he could achieve his aims. What are Putin’s aims?

    As for the Right Sector, I said in my first article on Ukraine that I had no problem with their anti-Russian rhetoric. We’ve since discovered there are other problems with them though.

  3. Ostmann says:

    In theory no president of a democratic country can offer a higher ideal or myth since the whole system is build on Relativism: no value judgement possible=Rights=Hedonism.Putin is rightfully concerned about the strategic value of the Crimean,and ethnic ties to Russia is probably just a tool for him.But where is the real cooperation,including militarily,between Russia,China,Iran and others.Is he just another pawn to keep up a multi-denominational world to keep it from uniting against the world-enemy?

  4. Anthony says:

    >Is he just another pawn to keep up a multi-denominational world to keep it from uniting against the world-enemy?

    I don’t think that he’s aware that he’s a pawn, but yes. Something a lot of people forget about Putin is that he was in the KGB. I find it really funny that all these white Nationalists who consider themselves to be the heirs of Hitler praise Putin even though he had strong ties to the Soviet Union and Communism, which was one of the things Hitler hated most. Seriously, if people want some kind of heroic saviour of Russia, they should choose someone who fought against Communism rather than someone who was an agent of Communism.

  5. Ostmann says:

    I second that Anthony.When I watch movies they are usually foreign and/or vintage types.The suggestions of modern Hollywood or Western films I find very annoying,more so than the powerful idealism of Soviet or N.Korean movies.The historical lies in them however remind me that modern Russian society has not really addressed their Zionist/Marxist murderous past yet and most likely will not as long as the same crowd is involved,albeit in different clothes.

  6. Schus04306 says:

    Strange about films and shows, but some of The Twilight Zone I just adore. Some episodes are full of blatant lies as well. I’ll take the good with the bad even though Rod Serling was a Jew.

  7. Ossendowski says:

    Very well written, exactly my thoughts on this topic.

    To address the issue of Putin:

    I have a gut feeling that the Eurasian power block might be the Zionist back-up plan in case the US ceases to be useful to their agenda. Putin has a fairly good standing in Jewish circles and the relations between Israel and the Russian Federation have become quite cozy within the last years. Here are some articles I found while doing a quick search in google:


    Should provide some food for thoughts. We should also have an eye on the relations between Israel and Red China:


    “And if the West turns its back on Israel, there is, they say, the east. Relations with India have warmed of late, and those with China are getting closer.”

    As of now, it seems like the Russian Federation as well as Red China are playing the “good cop”-role vis a vis Syria and Iran and I think it was the same with Libya. Perhaps I’m making a bit of a stretch here, but I’m convinced that it is their task to keep anti-Zionist forces in check or even sabotage their efforts from behind their own lines.


    “I find it really funny that all these white Nationalists who consider themselves to be the heirs of Hitler praise Putin even though he had strong ties to the Soviet Union and Communism, which was one of the things Hitler hated most.”

    Putin is consistently portrayed as some kind of bad ass or antihero and this strikes a chord with a good portion of the Gentile crowd. People who fall for this simple imagery are very unlikely to investigate their idols, so I doubt that his devotees know too much about these ties. Speaking about “idols” and “devotees”, did you notice how often Putinism takes the form of some kind of pseudo-religious craze?

    “Seriously, if people want some kind of heroic saviour of Russia, they should choose someone who fought against Communism rather than someone who was an agent of Communism.”

    Russia definitely needs a new Wrangel.

  8. Akhnat0n says:

    Let us not forget that Jews are slaves to their behavior. The typical Jew that you will encounter is not likely be an active Zionist, rather they are a peon at best; they can be enlightened too

  9. Schus04306 says:

    Rod Serling I consider different. He was a Unitarian-no longer a Jew-who hated Israel after the 6 day war.

    Most Jews are pretty weak though, and I consider that to be primarily built upon origins and Tribalism. Most of them lack an identity. They are usually pretty dull people once you get to know who they are.

  10. Anthony says:

    Regarding China and India, we can definitely expect Jews to start turning their attention to the east. They know the West is going down. The BRIC countries and the so-called tiger economies are the future superpowers. It is sensible for a parasite to move out of a dying host.

    By the way, I’m not sure it’s accurate to use the term ‘Red China’. It’s nominally Communist, but all the Chinese I’ve spoken to say it’s really even more Capitalist than the West. This is fairly obvious when you consider that most of our wares in the West are marked ‘Made in China’

  11. Ostmann says:

    @ Ossendowski- great links [I guess somebody got to research their media].This should help convince,at least some,that Putin is no real anti-dote.

  12. Ken Horst says:

    Putin lies about 9/11
    Putin lies about the Holocaust
    Putin came to power after the Russian 1999 Apartment bombings performed by the FSB to demonize Muslims (Russia’s 9/11)
    Putin was indoctrinated and raised as a Communist from an early age and then as a Communist KGB fanatic.
    Putin pretends to come to Syria’s aid yet disarms them of their most powerful defensive weapons.
    Putin was there during the murder of the Polish Leadership who were trying to commemorate the Katyn Forest Massacre.
    Putin cannot seem to utter the word Jew or Israel.
    Putin refuses to tell the truth about the Jew Mass Media or Jew Federal Reserve.
    Putin was not even married in a Church yet claims to be a Christian.
    Both Putin and Obama are Globalists who fight against Nationalism.
    The Top Mafia Boss in Russia is a JEW named Semion Mogilevich

    Ostmann said “Is he just another pawn to keep up a multi-denominational world to keep it from uniting against the world-enemy?”

    Appears so to me. Every politician is a puppet (Hitler/Obama/Putin) that works for the Jew Moneychangers and has NO POWER on their own.

  13. LuciferOverZion says:

    Hitler a puppet? It sounds like trolling.

  14. Decebal says:

    Horst, while I thank you for pointing Putin’s faults, but we really should compare this to Hitler.

    Hitler could not lie about 9/11 because there was no 9/11 at the time. The closest thing would be the Reichstag fire. Many historians argue that it was a false-flag attack, but so far I’ve only seen it claimed so because it worked conveniently for Hitler, which it did, but that’s not conclusive enough. According to Irving, Goebbel’s diaries indicate that both he and Hitler were genuinely surprised by the news; I haven’t read the diaries yet, so I can’t confirm this myself.
    Hitler was not indoctrinated and raised as a Communist from an early age and then as a Communist KGB fanatic.
    Hitler does in fact help his allies, though he recognizes later on that helping them out might have been a mistake.
    Hitler was honest about Katyn.
    Hitler uttered the word “Jew” and anything related loud and clear.
    Hitler told the truth about the Jewish media and Jewish usury.
    Hitler was not a globalist and fought for nationalism.

    How does this compare?

  15. Schus04306 says:

    @ Decebal-It doesn’t. Kenny here should necessitate something of a theorist or a Jew itself.

    Putin just so happened to be taken in as an orphan by Jews himself. They would not have taken him in unless he has Jewish ancestry himself. Look at him a young Vlad.

  16. Decebal says:

    “Putin just so happened to be taken in as an orphan by Jews himself.”

    Where did you find this?

  17. Ostmann says:

    @ Ken.You are ahead of most who believe Putin and Russia to be an anti-dote to Zionist world take over.But its all negated by your stance on AH.I have seen similar comments by You on PressTV trashing him.The National Socialists were up to date the only ones who had the courage to point out jewry’s machinations in ALL fields.I suggest you study history including NS economic and financial policies to understand why AH and NS Germany were almost immediately attacked by the combined forces of Zionist Loan-capitalism and zio Marxism and are still demonized today.Right now you sound like you are in the large liberal-left crowd.

  18. Schus04306 says:


    Probably too early to have said that, but this is what I found.

  19. Akhnat0n says:

    Zionists are most likely abandoning north America as far as their investments go. Once they forge a strong enough ignoble regime here then they can begin to focus less attention perhaps. The East is going to be the new economic powerhouse for them to take advantage of, and south America will become their farm reserves and GMO production. You should all be very aware that Monsanto is cutting down the entire rainforest in Brazil and SA so that they can implement vast and automated GMO farms to feed the world with.

    Futhermore, I think what is crucial to our movement is abandoning Adolf Hitler in entirety. I have spoken to young college students and literally converted them to Aryanism or at least supportive of our movement. They see the website though and they tell me, you guys ought to remove the Hitler quotes, or at least give them a different author, you are killing your credibility. In the west, maybe it is more acceptable in the east, but not here. Hitler would be happy to see us carry on the Swastika in the name of Aryanism, and that is what is important. I know it is not easy to abandon our history, but for the sake of not scaring away semi-brainwashed Aryans, it is a necessity, at least temporarily.

  20. Decebal says:


    Thank you for the link. Makow (Jew) is on our ZC list (as well as mentioned on the “Genders Issue” page: http://aryanism.net/culture/gender-issues/). The actual documentation is scanty (I haven’t had a chance to watch the video yet) – containing an Islamophobic tone as well – so I don’t know.
    Regardless of whether he’s a Jew or not, he’s not on our side.


    The reasoning behind keeping Hitler is put rather well in the F.A.Q. (http://aryanism.net/about/faq/):
    “We want to recruit people who are idealistic enough to overcome the conditioning of mainstream society and academia. Many people share our abstract values but, due to the conditioning they have received, refuse to believe that Hitler stood for these values. These are not bad people, but we do not want them at this stage. Using Third Reich imagery is a way to filter them out and leave only the truly unprejudiced.”
    In other words, we realize that this site (and its relatives) won’t be enough for real change as long as we don’t take action in the real world, but this can only be done by those who have thrown out false ideas. Once taken up in the real world, a variety of decisions can be made about what to include and exclude in propaganda (but we still can’t keep a false image forever, nor do I advocate this.)

  21. Anthony says:

    @Akhnaton – Are you saying we should abandon Hitler but keep the swastika? People always associate the swastika with Hitler. I don’t think that would significantly increase our appeal

  22. LuciferOverZion says:

    We can make another Autocratic, Vegan or whatever website if we want to recruit the semi-brainwashed but Aryanism.net should be for people of the highest order.

  23. Ostmann says:

    Hello everyone.”After full discussion at the General Meeting of members it was resolved that “This Programme is unalterable”.This does not imply that every word must stand unchanged,nor that any thing done to deepen or develop the Programme is to be prohibited,but it implies with absolute decision and unswerving clarity that the principles and leading ideas contained in it may not be tampered with.There can be no bending or twisting from considerations of EXPEDIENCY,no hidden interference with very important – and for the present-day arrangements in politics,society and economics,VERY UNWELCOME – points in the Programme”. [Adolf Hitler prints its two main points in leaded type: The Common Interest before Self – the spirit of the Programme.Abolition of the Thraldom of Interest – the core of National Socialism.

  24. John Johnson says:


    I believe in order for this movement to be ideologically positive and powerful, we _must_ reclaim the swastika and the word “Aryan”.

    These words today are inseparable from Hitler and NS, and I think the founders of this website believed that the easiest way to reclaim these two words (and more importantly, the concepts and ideas they invoke) is to reclaim Hitler and NS at the same time.

    The swastika is an ancient Neolithic sun symbol that existed in farming cultures on every continent (see the Aryan diffusion pages)! Aryan is an ancient Sanskrit word which means “noble”, and its older, original meaning may have been “soil tiller” (i.e. farmers; the same people who created the swastika and planted the genetic seeds of the noble, anti-slavery mentality which we follow today!).

    But how will we be able to get average people to radically re-examine and understand the meaning of the swastika and term Aryan if not by hitting them fullforce with the idea that maybe NS needs to be re-examined as well, and that they did not “pervert the meaning of the swastika” (every pro-swastika website contains this disclaimer…) or want to kill everyone for their Hollywood “master race”?

    As it stands, many people have no idea of the swastika’s real name (they call it a “Nazi sign” instead) and the word “Aryan” invokes some Hollywood ‘Nazi blond-blue übermensch’.. How will we change this if we distance ourselves from (authentic) NS and let Neo-Nazi and Zionist lies continue? How will we be able to give anti-Zionism the strong voice it needs if “Nazzi antisemitism” scares people away from criticizing Jews (while at the same time, people are becoming more racist against ‘non-whites’, ‘third-worlders’, Muslims (the biggest anti-Zionists!), and so on)?

    Also, in a time where people as dissatisfied with the status quo, and more and more are turning to racist ideologies, how will we lead the noble, non-racists into the future? How do we save them from the pitfalls of false-leftism, political correctness, and ‘equalitarianism’? Perhaps the radical ideology that they need to combat racism and bring about the ideal society of their dreams has been overlooked, and has been sitting right in front of them the whole time?

    Communism has been fashionable among leftist youths, even with ‘red scare’ propaganda and the ugly reality of the USSR in action. Shouldn’t we try to show them that NS is a leftist ideology that actually has the power to bring into being the ideal world they want? Shouldn’t we provide a better ideology than communism and anarchism (and we by all means need to provide one before more people who are fed up with the ‘status quo’ turn to libertarianism or racist groups!)

    Regardless of the best way to go about things politically, I firmly believe that we _must_ reclaim the swastika and term ‘Aryan’ and that the easiest way to do this is by opening the door for re-interpretation of National Socialism.

    This doesn’t mean we must play 1930s dress-up or build shrines to Hitler in our closets, but simply acknowledge the fact that NS is not a bad ideology. It is only from there that a modern True Leftist anti-Zionist movement can move forward.

    If Zionists can keep us afraid to use the only force that can possibly defeat them, why even bother?

  25. Datarhat says:

    I would like to add on the topic of reclaiming the Hakenkreuz, from a practical standpoint, that if we were to omit such an important aspect of our philosophy, it would leave us open to direct comparison to National Socialism; we have no problem with this comparison as it is accurate but we would have to retroactively prove the merit of such a political philosophy, which would be seen as some sort of a confirmation bias and leave us open to paranoia-prone leftists dismissing the entire movement as some sort of trickery, as if we were trying to con them into falling victim to something evil. It is better to be completely honest in our presentation and let the logic and morality of our ideology speak for itself. While honesty does not always correspond to forfeiture of information, in this case it is best not to leave ourselves open to accusations of secrecy or conspiracy. The best way of going about this I have found is building on the fact that history is written by the victors, inviting individuals to research the history of the Third Reich themselves and engaging in true debate with people about National Socialism. While this can be tiring, as the battle is entirely uphill, it’s often times the only way to present the Light to reluctant Aryans. I know that I was extremely skeptical of the Swastika, Hitler and all things Third Reich even though I agreed with all of the philosophical arguments of this movement. It wasn’t until I researched it myself that I accepted the Truth. While few people are likely to take it upon themselves to research the subject and even fewer do a good job of researching, we will find truly exceptional individuals through such a process, and that is what this is about. The biggest selling point, in my opinion, is National Socialism’s advocacy for animal “rights”. This has struck a chord in many people I know, including my own family. We shouldn’t conform our ideology to fit the framework of the masses, we should simply invite people to test the sturdiness of it. If it falls in the face of truly logical discourse, it’s unworthy of standing, but if it holds its own, by all means, all rational beings must accept it. John is right, we musn’t let fear, threats or the opinions of the majority affect our message, the Good is not something which bends to mob rule, it is an absolute, a paradigm of existence.

    On a side note: I am currently still researching for my next video, which will be dealing with haplogroups. It may take some time as most of the free time I have outside of school and work is spent sleeping, but I will release a video within the next few weeks. I’m truly grateful I have found like-minded people like you all who have the will to enact change and not just moan about the status quo.

  26. LuciferOverZion says:

    A few proverbs…
    “Few but good.”
    “Quantity does not matter, it is the quality that counts.”

  27. Akhnat0n says:

    @Anthony @John

    I have successfully enlightened people of Aryanism, what it means, and what we as Aryanists are trying to accomplish. You can physically see their composure morph when it all clicks and makes sense in their head. I usually open up with “I am not here to talk to you about Hitler and the Third Reich, I am here to talk to you about the concept of Aryanism, what it means, and where it comes from, now as I stop to take a breath I need all of you to open up your minds and drop all your preconceptions.” Once Aryanism makes sense to them, if they be inspired enough by it, they can investigate for themselves how Aryanism is related to NS and AH. I only mean to abandon our history for these types of purposes, it has become incredibly useful to me. Then again I have my own mission, as do all of us.

  28. Ostmann says:

    @ AkhnatOn.I see Your point about hitting a brainwashed person with a ‘truth hammer’ we all experienced this.So leaving out the Hakenkreutz and AH [they go together] might have merits in the very beginning.But they will come across them very quickly.The first thing I look for in a person is their capacity for empathy if they have heart,without this all efforts are in vain anyway.

  29. Schus04306 says:

    Empathy can also be a weakness.

  30. Ossendowski says:


    “By the way, I’m not sure it’s accurate to use the term ‘Red China’. It’s nominally Communist, but all the Chinese I’ve spoken to say it’s really even more Capitalist than the West. This is fairly obvious when you consider that most of our wares in the West are marked ‘Made in China’”

    True. The PRC seems to be blending a communist state apparatus with a rabidly capitalist economy.


    “This should help convince,at least some,that Putin is no real anti-dote.”

    Not only that. Like every form of controlled/pseudo-opposition he is very much a part of the problem!

  31. Ostmann says:

    @ Schu04306,Empathy as it relates to ‘The Common Interest before Self – the spirit of the [NSDAP] Programme and as a key ingredient in Aryanism.

  32. Schus04306 says:

    Ok. I was applying it to the treatment of userers for who I haven’t empathy; other stances are benign in me. I really try to remove myself from seeing people as anything other than sheep sometimes, probably because they make me see who I could be and who they could be as well.

  33. Ostmann says:

    @Ossendowski,people cite the fact that Putin has managed to pay off the IMF loans as evidence that he is taking on the JWO.But the IMF is one of their tools,especially in regards to ‘poor’ countries.On Russia’s central bank website at least one of the directors,judging by last name ,is a chosenite.Their central bank seems to be not part of the state.Is Russia’s currency issued with out debt / interest attached? Like in Hungry?

  34. “Geopolitics” in most discussions is intrinsically tied to economics and “national self-interest” which basically means, nation states do what is profitable within the sphere of global Zionist capitalism. Anything else (e.g. what Hitler did) is instantly denounced as irrational, and if it is particularly effective (Hitler again) it’s called pure evil.

    The other element of geopolitics is geography and Ukraine has been a zone of competition for a long time due to it’s fertile land. Back in the 17th century the land was under the Polish crown, then the Russian crown, and the German-Russian treaty of Brest-Litovsk ceded much of Ukraine to Germany. The reason being is that whoever holds Ukraine can produce a lot of food and Russia has very little arable land for its massive size, thus it has pushed into the Northern Caucus region (Volga River Basin) and into Ukraine to feed it population centers further north. And this all goes back to the major error in current national borders, they are arbitrary and not river basin based (many of them at least) and it is these areas that are hotbeds of conflict (rhetorical, political and finally military).

    There was a past here by AS that mentioned this new border idea.

    Hitler also discussed Ukraine extensively in Table Talk mentioning its agrarian capabilities. He makes a convincing case for how a German led European Reich would be prosperous and peaceful by doing away with the nation state borders.

  35. Ossendowski says:

    I have already posted some material on Putin, but as it turns out, the icing on the cake was yet to come:


    “The Russian Lower House has approved a bill that provides up to five years in prison for denying the facts set out in the Nuremberg Trial, rehabilitation of Nazism and distributing false information about the actions of Russia and its allies during WWII.”

    In other words, suppressing dissent regarding the Holocaust while effectively criminalizing any mention of Allied warcrimes.

  36. Anthony says:

    I’ve actually tried to post links to this site on RT before, but it gets blocked because it contains ‘offensive terms’ i.e. Aryan

  37. Schus04306 says:

    President V. Putin for decreed a “rehabilitation of the Crimean Tatars, the Armenian population, Germans, Greeks, who suffered from Stalin’s repressions.”

    I am very disconcerted about both ways. ????????

  38. Ostmann says:

    Russia still has to come to terms with its ‘glorious’ judeo-marxist past as is evident by red hammer & sickle flags being flown even at eastern Ukrainian checkpoints,plenty of statues of mass murder Lenin about and a general appeasement towards international jewry by passing more anti-free speech laws aimed against “Nazism”.All rooted in the machinations of the one tribe.Much of the world believing Russia to be some anti-imperialist hero,cheering wildly.There will be only one winner out of this,as usual.

  39. Hungary is interesting to watch these days. They despise Communism and are a former ally of the Third Reich. They’ve been more anti-Zionist than other states in Europe recently which tend to lean either back to East or West of the Cold War era. Elie Wiesel even disowned an award from Hungary due to their anti-Judaism. It’s far from perfect, but they’re doing something right.

    Also, has anyone heard of a book called “Currency Wars?” I am referring to the Chinese book that pissed of world Jewry since it pointed to them as the agitators behind financial crises. Someone who’s good with economics could review it.

    Wiki here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Currency_Wars

  40. Ossendowski says:


    “President V. Putin for decreed a ‘rehabilitation of the Crimean Tatars, the Armenian population, Germans, Greeks, who suffered from Stalin’s repressions.’”

    He needs the cooperation of the Crimean Tatars now that Crimea is a Russian protectorate. Germany is Russia’s most important economic partner in the EU. No idea about Greece, but Armenia is the only country in the Caucasus that has good relations with the Russian Federation. All in all, it looks rather like a gesture based on strategic considerations than an honest attempt to distance itself from Soviet crimes. I think it’s mind-boggling that the Soviet legacy is still so popular in Russia. After all, it was the Russians that suffered the most and the longest under the red tyranny.


    “Also, has anyone heard of a book called “Currency Wars?” I am referring to the Chinese book that pissed of world Jewry since it pointed to them as the agitators behind financial crises. Someone who’s good with economics could review it.”

    I’ve been trying to get my hands on a copy for some time now. Do you know if the English translation is banned? The only version of the book I have seen for sale so far is the Chinese one.

  41. Ossendowski,
    I doubt that the book has been outright banned, probably it has just been “discouraged” and if they can’t make a buck selling it, then they won’t sell it. It’s the same with an unannotated edition of Mein Kampf. The last time I saw it on a book shelf, it was a think all black cover with a small font title, author and translator heading, and the edition had a forward by Abe Foxman who has obviously never read the book. I wrote about the idea of censorship on my blog, and the most comprehensive ZC censorship is, unfortunately, self-censorship to avoid the ever nuanced sensibilities of the Jews.

  42. Milew19 says:

    Remember that Russia was first the list for World Jewry in the 20th century, the Jews destroyed imperial Russia and replaced it with a Robotic Bolshevik Communist Regime. Russia had it the worst for years even after communism, and it still carries a Jewish burden especially with the horrid mixed-system government and the liberal media making the nation inhabitable with drunks and protesters that haven’t realized the true problem…the Jew problem.

  43. Ostmann says:

    “Judea Declares War on Germany”: Headline Daily Mail 24th march 1934 [Only two month after elections].Investigate the writings of Wilhelm Bauer and Gottfried Feder on German financial and economic policy’s and what they meant for jewish owned international high finance and stock-market capitalism for that nation.Even if one does not agree with or even despises say the legal system one would probably still choose a person who is thoroughly familiar with it and is part of it to represent one in court.

  44. Akhnat0n says:

    Please take a look:


    After reading this article, I felt like perhaps the Ukraine would be a perfect place for an authentic folk regime. It was the way the article presented the conflicting ideas of the people, the straight up phony politicians, and images in my head of a blown up farmers market with old Ukrainian women continuing to buy and sell produce there that I had seen in a documentary – they move around as if the war is a nuisance to their routine, regardless of the devastating impact on their own lives. I get the feeling that an authentic movement could see incredible success amidst the numerous unappealing options that the Ukraine is forced to choose from. I suppose any Aryanist movement is an authentic movement, but the Ukraine needs action now, and I think it has the benefit of being able to start with an Aryanist platform, only to strip away elements that would conflict with the party’s popularity. In America it is like the opposite, here, maximizing appeal is a tremendous priority over authenticity.

  45. “…you don’t have to lie to lie; you just have to omit important facts — something Russian TV is very good at.”

    Yes, because so many of the post-Soviet oligarchs are Jews. From Old Bolsheviks to Neo-Bolsheviks, the Russian people are made to suffer, and mainly due to Jews. That’s why a defiant Ukrainian people is being compared to “Nazis” or those that challenged and fought against Jewish power most comprehensively. Though the Ukrainian government is pretty much all ZC.

    Then the fact that Putin is being compared to Hitler is just to generate cognitive dissonance and further confuse the idea of National Socialism. Israel is called “ZioNazi” as well.

    If we attempt to contact anyone is Ukraine, it should be members of Right Sector, from what I have seen they are less ethno-nationalist than Svoboda, while still being skeptical of Jewish information.

  46. So Putin is offering to release data about Trump meeting. What next!

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