“People ask: is there someone fit to be our leader? Our task is not to search for that person. Either God will give him to us or he will not come. Our task is to shape the sword that he will need when he comes.” – Adolf Hitler

Our purpose is to present the theory of Aryanism, and to recruit, train and organize those who show commitment and ability to put the theory into practice.

We seek like-minded idealists who can bring valuable technical skills, relevant connections, useful resources and - above all – high-quality thinking to our movement. We welcome cooperation with other movements provided our respective aims are not in conflict, and we offer ideological and strategic consultancy as well as various forms of practical support to Aryanism-friendly political and activist groups around the world. In all our networking, we follow our guiding principle: UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY.

We operate with urgency in anticipation of a troubled near future, and aim to do what we can to help the world emerge a better place at the end of it.

"No Fate"