“We are the transition from one education to the other. We are the conquerors of one era and the founders of a new – also religious – epoch. We bear a heavy and therefore a great destiny.” – Alfred Rosenberg

An important prerequisite of a movement is a common vocabulary. The ability to form a unified front against Zionism, as well as the pursuit of Aryanism, requires clean and accurate expression of our positions. Emphasis must be placed on the use of common vocabulary by all supporters and allies of our movement.


Foe Destroyer; perfected Aryan free from all natural conditioning

  • Use sparingly!


Way of Nobility; overcoming naturally conditioned tendencies and transforming towards perfection

  • The purpose of an Aryanist nation and state


1) As adjective: Heritably noble

  • Genetic contexts only

2) As adjective: Pertaining to Arya

  • Non-genetic contexts only

3) As noun: Noble Person (esp. whose nobility is innate rather than learned); one who pursues Arya

  • Not ethnicity-specific (but believed to have a genetic basis)
  • Contrast with non-Aryan (Jew, Gentile)
  • Associated with farmer archetype
  • Not to be confused with Aryanist (though hopefully the two terms eventually converge)


Aryan culture

Societal practices (esp. that do not necessitate state participation) conducive to nobility in its folk

  • See also National Socialism

Aryan diet

Cereal-based diet, as first introduced in the Neolithic era


Possessing physiognomy approximating the Aryan aesthetic ideal of human beauty (e.g. oval face, non-sloping forehead, light brow ridge, light nose, light jaw, light chin, etc.)

  • Not ethnicity-specific

Aryan race

Extinct, swastika-bearing root race of the mythical Golden Age whose noble traits spread variously across historical populations of the world, resulting in rare Aryan individuals arising in every civilization throughout history

  • Does not refer to any currently existing ethnicity

Aryan religion

Religions based on the premise of perfection attainable through struggle

  • Not a syncretism, but a concept for existing religions to emphasize
  • See also Gnosticism


Unity between Aryan individuals across all conventional categories (esp. ethnicity, class and religion) with the objective of establishing Aryan folkish states and a new civilization founded on Aryan ideals

  • Motto: Unity through Nobility


Supporter of Aryanism (esp. an activist in our network); one who associates with others according to nobility rather than conventional categories

  • Not to be confused with Aryan (though hopefully the two terms eventually converge)

Aryanization (National Socialist policy)

Selective breeding for noble traits

  • Contrast with eugenics
  • See also National Socialism

Asceticism (Aryan culture)

Belief that material life should be no more than what is necessary to enable pursuit of spiritual goals

  • See also frugality

Automation (Aryan culture)

Technology that facilitates tasks that could be done with or without such technology

  • Contrast with machinery

“Boromir Syndrome” (BS) (non-Aryan culture)

Adopting the enemy’s values in order to compete against the enemy ie. conceding to play the enemy’s game

  • Term inspired by LOTR character
  • E.g. Gentiles’ so-called “defensive racism”


False dichotomy of economic theories, both based on the (non-Aryan) belief that production is valuable as an end in itself

  • Contrast with National Socialism

Childcare (Aryan culture)

Non-coercive treatment of children; interaction with children in their interests as children  

  • Contrast with childrearing
  • See also Original Nobility

Childrearing (non-Aryan culture)

Coercive treatment of children; interaction with children in the interests of the adults they are expected to become

  • Contrast with childcare

Conservatism (non-Aryan attitude)

Category of political positions based on the belief that people are unimprovable, and hence that the function of the state is to limit the damage done in a nation by the unimprovable people

  • Compare with liberalism
  • Contrast with radicalism


Projection and normalization of paranoia (esp. of existential threat) into public consciousness such that the reaction causes the phenomenon; creation of self-fulfilling prophecy

Duty (Aryan culture)

Imperative towards some action, bequeathed by conscience

  • Contrast with right

Empiricism (non-Aryan attitude)

Reliance upon observational knowledge

  • Contrast against rationalism


Lifestyle that does not treat the environment as a Goy

  • Only Aryan culture if it rejects sustainability


Selective breeding for traits suited to sustaining and advancing the current civilization

  • Contrast against Aryanization

False Left (non-Aryan culture)

Political camp based on Freemasonic worldview

  • Created by Zionists to replace the True Left
  • Contrast with True Left, Right


Non-exploiter of Goys; prehistoric lifestyle archetype identified with Aryans

  • Contrast with hunter, herder


People with a common future (esp. common destination) regardless of starting point; people who advance a shared purpose

  • Compare with nation


Prioritization of folk over non-folk

  • Not to be confused with tribalism, as 1) anyone can join the folk and 2) a folkish purpose is never self-referential


Attempts (motivated either by stupidity or by subversive malice) to inundate our movement with excessive esoteric/occult/mystic/revisionist/academic material so as to cloud its ideological core


Condition such that obedience to a slavemaster cannot be bought by any offer of liberty

  • Contrast with liberty

Frugality (Aryan culture)

Ensuring no more resources are used than required to fulfill the purpose

  • Contrast with sustainability


Non-Jewish tribalist; tribalist who is honest about his tribalism

  • Contrast with Jew, Aryan
  • Associated with hunter archetype
  • Not to be confused with Goy

Gnosticism (Aryan culture)

Belief that material existence is fundamentally evil and ultimately to be transcended


Member of any group viewed as an exploitable resource for another group

  • E.g. non-Jewish humans, non-human animals
  • Status descriptor, not character descriptor (esp. not a derogatory term)
  • Not to be confused with Gentile

“Goy biscuit”

Perks (real or unreal) offered by slavemasters to their Goys for the purpose of keeping them under control

  • E.g. pleasure, glory, victory over other Goys
  • See also liberty, right, Zionism

“Goy wheel”

Alternatives to the status quo offered by slavemasters to their Goys for the purpose of giving them the illusion of change

  • E.g. false dichotomies, ignoble leaders
  • See also Zionism


Exploiter of Goys by manipulation; prehistoric lifestyle archetype identified with Jews

  • Contrast with hunter, farmer

Humanism (non-Aryan culture)

Tribalism with the tribe defined as the human species


Exploiter of Goys by brute force; prehistoric lifestyle archetype identified with Gentiles

  • Contrast with herder, farmer

Idealism (Aryan attitude)

Appeal to nobility as a source of moral authority

  • Contrast with naturalism

Immanence (Aryan culture)

Culture emitted spontaneously from within; culture not dependent on abstraction or formalism

  • Contrast with tradition


Beneficiary of Judaism; tribalist who is dishonest about his tribalism

  • Contrast with Gentile, Aryan
  • Associated with herder archetype
  • Not to be confused with Zionist


Membership selection system (hence the term “Chosen People”) and culture with the objective of benefit to Jews, and ultimately Zionism; Jewish racism

  • Increasingly imitated by Gentiles (to benefit their own tribes); see “Boromir Syndrome”

Liberalism (non-Aryan attitude)

Category of political positions based on the belief that improvement of people cannot be defined, and hence that the function of the state is to enable a nation to withstand the absence of absolutes

  • Compare with conservatism
  • Contrast with radicalism


License towards some action, granted in exchange for obedience towards the granter in other matters, thereby implying that possessors of liberties are slaves

  • Contrast with freedom
  • See also “Goy biscuit”, right

Machinery (non-Aryan culture)

Technology that enable feats that could not have been done without such technology

  • Contrast with automation

Militarism (Aryan attitude)

Valuing survival – individual or collective – only as a means and only in duration sufficient to fulfill the purpose

  • Contrast with survivalism


People with a common past (esp. common starting point), regardless of destination

  • Compare with folk

National Socialism

1) Aryan political theory in which a non-democratic state controls population and demographics to facilitate the folk purpose

  • General political contexts
  • Contrast with natural selection

2) Aryan economic theory based on the belief that production is valuable only as a means and only in quantity sufficient to facilitate the folk purpose

  • Economic contexts

National Socialist

Supporter of National Socialism

  • Use the term “authentic National Socialist” to distinguish yourself from racist useful idiots (Neo-Nazis) of the far-right who sometimes call themselves ‘National Socialists’

Natural selection

Selective pressure based on sheer ability to survive, hence generally detrimental to Aryan traits

  • Contrast with National Socialism

Naturalism (non-Aryan attitude)

Appeal to likelihood of success (esp. under natural selection) as a source of moral authority

  • Contrast with idealism

Nobility (Aryan attitude)

Refusal to accept slavery (ie. existence of Goys) in any form (including spiritual slavery by natural conditioning)

  • Not a description of class (to avoid confusion, use the term “dynast” to refer to the upper class)


Anyone who acquiesces any form of slavery (esp. anyone who prefers slavery – including being a slavemaster or an observer to slavery – over death).

  • Not ethnicity-specific (but believed to have a genetic basis)
  • Collective term for Jews and Gentiles
  • Contrast with Aryan

Original Nobility (Aryan attitude)

Belief that nobility is the initial condition of all sentience, lost over time in the world

  • Implies Arya as process of reversion rather than process of advance
  • Implies high opinion towards children and their perspectives

Preservationism (non-Aryan culture)

Proposition that an arbitrary identity should continue to exist just because it already exists; proposition that perpetuation requires no justification


Ordered bundle of traits, typically a product of precise selective pressure

  • Not to be confused with ethnic cluster (e.g. “black”, “white”, etc.)


Possessing no blood memory

  • Contrast with Aryan, Gentile, Jew
  • Lacking persistent attitudes, such people instead go along with whatever is considered “normal” at any given time (e.g. they would be racists when racism is popular, and anti-racists when anti-racism is popular, unlike Jews and Gentiles who continue to be racists even when anti-racism is popular, and unlike Aryans who continue to be anti-racists even when racism is popular)

Racial idealism (Aryan culture)

Sense of belonging with a race according to relation to an abstract ideal that cuts across conventional categories

  • E.g. Aryan
  • Contrast with racial identity

Racial identity (non-Aryan culture)

Sense of belonging with a race according to ethnic cluster or other conventional category

  • E.g. “black”, “white”, etc.
  • Contrast with racial idealism

Racism (non-Aryan attitude)

Tribalism with the tribe defined as a certain ethnic group

Radicalism (Aryan attitude)

Category of political positions based on the belief that improvement of people is both definable and possible, and hence that the function of the state is to steer this improvement

  • Contrast with conservatism, liberalism

Rationalism (Aryan attitude)

Reliance upon logical knowledge

  • Contrast with empiricism

Revolt (non-Aryan culture)

Uprising against the status quo based on dissatisfaction with its consequences

  • Contrast with revolution

Revolution (Aryan culture)

Uprising against the status quo based on dissatisfaction with its causes

  • Contrast with revolt

Right (non-Aryan culture)

1) As noun: License towards some action, granted by present authority

  • Contrast with duty
  • See also “Goy biscuit”, liberty

2) As adjective: Political camp based on traditional (ie. barbaric) worldview

  • Contrast with  False Left, True Left

Secularism (non-Aryan attitude)

Belief that spiritual direction is unnecessary for society as a whole

  • Not to be confused with atheism

Survivalism (non-Aryan attitude)

Valuing survival – individual or collective – as an end in itself

  • Contrast with militarism

Sustainability (non-Aryan culture)

Ensuring resources are not exploited so quickly that they will run out

  • Contrast with frugality
  • See also sustainable evil

Sustainable evil

Oppression that does not bring about the fall of the oppressor

  • Jewish and Gentile definitions of moral evil refer only to unsustainable evils, because their morality consists of sustainability and survivalism, whereas Aryan morality sees sustainable evils as the supreme evils precisely because of their potential for continuation.
  • See also Zion


Neolithic solar symbol correctly associated with Aryanism and National Socialism and incorrectly associated with racism.

Tradition (non-Aryan culture)

Culture dependent on transmission from generation to generation; culture dependent on abstraction and formalism

  • Contrast with immanence


Heritable personal characteristic (esp.with positive or negative quality value)

Tribalism (non-Aryan attitude)

In-group altruism and out-group indifference; ethics based on this principle

  • E.g. humanism, racism
  • Often called “identitarianism” by those trying to make it sound respectable
  • Contrast with universalism

True Left (Aryan culture)

Political camp based on Gnostic worldview 

  • The political camp to which we belong
  • Contrast with False Left, Right
  • See also Gnosticism

Universalism (Aryan attitude)

Compassion towards all; ethics based on this principle

  • Not contingent on belief in equality
  • Contrast with tribalism

Useful idiot

One who aids a cause without awareness (esp. who thinks he is opposing it)

  • E.g. racists who think they are anti-Zionists


Lifestyle involving no treatment of animals as Goys

  • Only Aryan culture if motivated by ethics


The creator god worshipped by Jews and recognized as the Devil by all Aryan religions


A sustainable system of slavery in which internal rebellion is no longer possible

  • The purpose of Zionism
  • What we are determined to prevent!


Plan to establish a worldwide Jewish supremacy (esp. via instigation of conflict between different groups of non-Jews); the aim described in the Protocols of Zion

  • Israel is a headquarters for Zionism, but the ambition of Zionism is not limited to Israel
  • Zionism did not begin with Theodor Herzl; it began in the Tanakh


Supporter of Zionism; supporter of any manifestation of Zion

  • Not to be confused with Jew; all Jews are Zionists (even those who claim to oppose Zionism) unless they voluntarily do not reproduce, but not all Zionists are Jews

“Zionist Correctness” (ZC) (non-Aryan culture)

Positions contrary to status quo Political Correctness (PC) in ways that encourage admiration of the policies/attitudes of Israel or the Jewish diaspora

  • E.g. Islamophobia, “Third World” bashing