“The “simple understanding” of the genius is able to see the essential and the obvious.” – Rudolf Hess


What is the difference between the main site and the blog?

This website – referred to as the ‘main site’ - contains core information necessary for understanding Aryanism and related or opposed ideologies, along with opportunities to contribute to the movement.

The website linked to in the header as ‘Blog’ – referred to as the ‘blog’ - is a place for news, varied discussion and dialogue with other websites, as well as a staging platform for the improvement of content on the main site.

How can I contribute?

We welcome submission of articles which we may post on either the blog or main site, as well as constructive commentary on existing articles, and constructive private communication. We welcome new blogs/channels/etc. to join our network, especially if you can offer a specialist focus on some topical field. More importantly, it is up to you to take what you have learned here and apply it in whatever way you can in real life. For specific positions, please check our list of openings. (For the record, we do not endorse visitors of this site engaging in any kind of illegal activity.)

If you are too busy for activism, please at the very least join in the boycott effort. Also, please link to the main site from whatever profile pages you may have on various sites and online forums, and please use our motto – UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY – wherever possible. Do not just link to the home page, but link to specific pages on specific topics as you bring up these topics in discussion. Whenever linking, please emphasize that we are an anti-racist site.

Do you accept donations?

We do not accept donations for ourselves. However, on the blog we periodically request donations to individuals or groups that we endorse. If you have money to spare, please consider giving generously to our endorsees.

Is [insert site here] part of your movement?

Sites that link to us, but which we do not link to, are not necessarily part of our movement. They may simply be linking to us for reference. Similarly, sites that use our banner are not necessarily part of our movement since anyone can upload our banner to their own site and we have no way to stop them. It is better to judge a site by its content. Does it define words as we do? Does it promote enemy individuals/groups? Does it attack individuals/groups whom we support? What other sites does it link to, in addition to our site? Would we agree with the content of those sites?

If we do not link to a site that calls itself “Aryanist” or “National Socialist”, there is generally a good reason why not. The most frequent reason is because such a site deliberately associates these labels with ideas that we do not espouse, thereby creating confusion – a common Zionist trick. In general, never assume that a site we do not link to is part of our movement or that it is even discussing the same ideas as we are. If in doubt about a particular site, feel free to ask us about it!


What is the Aryanist movement?

The Aryanist movement is a positive ideological revolution that seeks to emerge out of the collapse of the present-day status quo of civilization, which we believe is but a matter of time now that Zionism has been exposed. Our motto, UNITY THROUGH NOBILITY, encapsulates our broad vision for bringing on the new era.

How did the Aryanist movement get started?

We arrived on the scene when anti-Zionists around the world (including 9/11 truthers, Israel boycotters/pro-Palestinian activists, ‘Holocaust’ revisionists, banking scam exposers, and sundry conspiracy theorists and end-times predictors), despite agreeing on a dire need to resist Jewish domination, were unable to form into a coherent movement due to lack of ideology. Racist agitators were constantly prodding one group against another and keeping anti-Zionists divided, easily succeeding because there was no uniting factor. We joined the discussion to provide this uniting factor, employing deeper foundations of thought than the rest of the anti-Zionist community was previously used to, in order to offer a common ground not only of who the enemy is, but also of who we are, and of why we oppose them.

The starting idea was to provide networking for people who oppose Jewish racism but who refuse to degenerate into racists ourselves in the process of doing so. After a while, we summarized our situation in terms of three mutually opposed archetypes battling for the future of the world: Jews, Gentiles (ie. racist adversaries of Jewish domination) and Aryans (ie. non-racist adversaries of Jewish domination). Thus Aryanism was born.

Who can be an Aryanist?

Anyone who believes in Aryanism and who acts accordingly to the problems we currently face. Letting us know you exist so that we can work together is an added advantage.

What kind of people are you looking for?

Anti-Zionists, anti-racists, anti-democrats, anti-capitalists, anti-humanists, and any other noble idealists who despise Western civilization from its foundations, and who seek a comprehensive alternative worldview that accomodates your more specific antagonisms. Our members share a strong sense of justice, honour, and admiration of quality over quantity, personality over popularity, and universal compassion over tribal identity. A common feature among our core thinkers is sympathy towards a Gnostic worldview. We consider ourselves representatives of the True Left, a radical leftism which rejects moral relativism and blank-slate egalitarianism but whose moral absolutism and non-egalitarianism are based not on traditional standards but on anti-traditional standards. As such, we are enemies of all movements that promote right-wing/identitarian/traditionalist ideas (e.g. New Right, Alternative Right, Dissident Right, etc.).

We welcome people of all ethnic, religious, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds, so long as you are not eligible for Israeli citizenship. We welcome people of all ages, but especially younger people. We welcome people of all genders and sexual preferences. We do not welcome racists or Islamophobes.

In terms of skills and resources, anything you can bring to the table is valuable. Artistic, IT and other skills that can be readily applied to propaganda will find use at once. We also expect you to arrive with a basic background knowledge of Jewry and Zionism. However, do not be discouraged from contacting us even if you do not consider yourself to be especially skilled or knowledgeable. Skills and knowledge can be learned; a positive “can do” attitude is what is most important.

We are antireactionaries. Whereas many other anti-Zionist sites spend most of their time criticizing the present-day status-quo, we think it is more important to criticize reactionary alternatives. The status-quo will crumble by itself anyway; our priority is to ensure it is not replaced by something worse.

So you are anti-Semites?

Semites are people who speak Semitic languages, such as Arabic. We have no problem with Arabic-speaking people. We are anti-Zionists. We oppose Jews not because they speak Hebrew (another Semitic language) but because they are a tribe. For that matter, we oppose all tribes, Gentile as well as Jewish.

How can you claim not to be racist when you oppose Jews?

Because we did not invent the Jewish identity and assign it to another ethnic group in order to mark them as our outgroup. Jews invented the Jewish identity and assigned it to themselves in order to mark us (non-Jews) as their outgroup! Therefore it is Jews who are the racists, and hence anti-Zionism is anti-racism.

What about individuals who happen to have Jewish parents but who are opposed to Jewish identity?

We do not from the outset consider such individuals to be Jewish, as they could not help being born and therefore cannot be blamed merely for having been born; it is their parents who are to blame for giving birth to them. As such, we expect all of them - as non-consensual carriers of their Jewish parents’ genetics while being opposed to Jewish identity – to do their moral duty of voluntarily refusing to reproduce, in order to ensure that these genetics are not propagated to the next generation via themselves. Those among them who fail in this duty therewith prove their insincerity in claiming to be opposed to Jewish identity, and hence at this point confirm their Jewishness.

Who are these people whom you keep calling “ZCs” and “BSs”?

ZCs are those whose views are in line with Zionist Correctness. They refuse to name the Jew as the enemy of all non-Jews, instead preferring to bash Muslims and so-called “Third World” peoples as threats to Western civilization.

BSs are those whose views indicate affliction with Boromir Syndrome. They are willing to name the Jew, but nonetheless retain the tendency to bash other non-Jewish groups as threats to their own group.

Both ZCs and BSs are to be contrasted with Aryanists and other genuine anti-Zionists who seek sincere fellowship and unity between all non-Jewish groups against Jewish domination, and against the division that ZCs and BSs try to sow between us!

Is Aryanism a religion?

No. Aryanism primarily seeks agreement on attitudes, not on beliefs. Aryanism does not attempt to compete with existing religions, but attempts to encourage more noble interpretations of existing religions wherever possible. We generally recommend Aryanists with religious backgrounds to stay with their existing religions and try to ennoble them from within. We require the destruction of only Judaism and Gentile religions.

Isn’t “Aryan” a linguistic term?

Not originally. We are aware that it has been incorrectly used as such by 18th-19th century Western academia, but we do not follow this usage. Our use of the term proceeds from the classical usage to describe heritable (as opposed to learned) nobility.

Is it necessary for me to believe in the past existence of an Aryan race in order to be an Aryanist?

Some Aryanists believe in a now extinct root race from prehistoric times - the original bearers of the swastika during the Neolithic era - which embodied Aryan values and practices better than any subsequent population, and which left a blood legacy amongst populations around the world. On account of this, we expect some individuals (not necessarily grouped according to modern ethnic conventions) to be more genetically predisposed towards noble behaviour than others.

However, this belief is not essential. Other Aryanists simply treat the concept of an Aryan race as a theoretical archetype towards which to biologically and culturally mold our present-day populations, so that the Aryan race to them exists not in the past, but in the future.

Is there any relation between White Nationalism and Aryanism?

No. White Nationalism promotes altruism towards so-called ”white people” only, making it a form of tribalism, akin to Judaism. Aryanism is opposed to all forms of tribalism. Indeed Aryanists, being folkists, reject all forms of ethnocentrism, oppose negative prejudice towards immigrants and seek to unify multiethnic society rather than divide it. This makes White Nationalists (whom we classify as Gentiles) our sworn enemies, even as Jews are our sworn enemies. Both obstruct development towards a united society.

We have a running dispute with White Nationalists over their tendency (supported by the Jewish-owned media) to misuse the term “Aryan” as a synonym for “white”, which has led casual observers to mistakenly assume that Aryanism is based on racial identity and preservation rather than racial idealism and improvement. The sooner they give it up, the better.

White Nationalists, for their part, routinely accuse us of being ”anti-White” because that is the only thing they know how to do in response to criticism, having copied the “anti-Semite” accusation trick from Jews. They like to believe that Jew-awareness and racism somehow go together, but the very existence of our movement destroys their delusion. They cannot accuse us of being PC as we are willing to name the Jew, yet we are not racist at all. They cannot handle this.

(Other even more stupid White Nationalists promote our site because they still think Aryan means “white” and therefore misread all our content.) 

So is it accurate to say that your conception of race is not based on genetics?

No. We certainly believe that race has a genetic basis. We are simply saying that ethnicity is an awful way to classify the genetic variation that exists, and that we would prefer instead classification schemes based on quality – specifically quality according to the nobility-centred values that we promote.

Are you genetic determinists?

We are not mechanical genetic determinists, but we are statistical genetic determinists. We believe it is possible for an individual to overcome his genetic tendencies of behaviour. We have merely recognized that the probability of this occurring among enough individuals simultaneously and for a sufficient continuous duration to change civilization is vanishingly small.

If you favour integration, how do you differ from mainstream integrationists?

The status-quo claims that integration is possible under democracy. We believe integration is virtually impossible under democracy, as democracy systematically fosters division by drawing people into mutually oppositional voting blocs. We believe that the only realistic path to integration first requires ending democracy.

How is an ideology based on genetic quality consistent with allowing anyone – regardless of heritage - who wishes to join the movement to do so?

Because those who join us implicitly submit their reproductive fate to the hands of a future National Socialist state. Heritage matters only when it is passed down; an individual prepared to entrust to the state full authority on this matter has no reason to be excluded from all other aspects of our movement, whatever his heritage.

Why use Third Reich imagery/quotes to promote your ideology? Why not distance it from the baggage of Nazism’s toxic popular connotations?

We want to recruit people who are idealistic enough to overcome the conditioning of mainstream society and academia. Many people share our abstract values but, due to the conditioning they have received, refuse to believe that Hitler stood for these values. These are not bad people, but we do not want them at this stage. Using Third Reich imagery is a way to filter them out and leave only the truly unprejudiced.

Moreover, the swastika is too noble a symbol to languish in slander. It is our aim to redeem the swastika so that it may one day cease to be incorrectly associated with racism, and return to being a symbol of the sun and the Solar Civilization that is open to all who are noble enough to live it.  


What is the difference between Nazism and National Socialism?

Zionists are not afraid of Nazism.

Do you deny the Holocaust?

We do not need to deny the ‘Holocaust’ any more than we need to deny that Daleks fought in WWII. However, we ask why there are no laws requiring people to believe that Daleks fought in WWII.

Towards the end of WWII, many people in Germany were dying of starvation and simple illnesses due to lack of food and medicines. If this affected soldiers and civilians, why would it not affect concentration camp prisoners? And if one accepts that it did indeed affect concentration camp prisoners, why then seek a more convoluted explanation for their deaths? Who benefits?

Wasn’t Hitler racist?

At no point did Hitler advocate tribalism (ie. in-group/out-group double-standards). Hitler’s early rhetoric exaggerated German superiority in order to restore German confidence following defeat in WWI and long years of economic hardship, and thus gain political support. But once the NSDAP was in government, Hitler emphasized racial idealism rather than racial identity. Statements of German superiority were mostly in comparison to nearby populations (e.g. French, Russians), almost never to populations from other parts of the world. Racist Hans Guenther attempted to influence National Socialist literature to replace the open-ended term “Aryan” (which was used by the NSDAP to describe people as diverse as Jesus, the Japanese military, numerous Native American groups and on at least one occasion even bees) with the narrow term “Nordic”, but was unsuccessful. Similarly, National Socialist Germany prohibited from publication the writings of racist Lanz von Liebenfels after annexing Austria.

In treatment of ethnic minorities, National Socialist Germany was among the fairest of all countries at the time, especially compared to Britain and America, two countries which Hitler despised specifically for their racism. Both “black” American athletes of the 1936 Berlin Olympics and “black” American POWs during WWII have remarked that they were treated more respectfully in National Socialist Germany than back at home where they were subject to Jim Crow laws. Moreover, a major theme of wartime anti-Allied propaganda was the racist abuse of colonial natives by the British Empire and other colonial powers, from which Germany was trying to save them. 

Loyal citizens of all ethnicities were considered part of the National Socialist German folk, and the Waffen SS was the most multiethnic, non-segregated army in history, in an era when ethnic segregation was the norm among Western armies. The Nuremberg Laws – which required segregation only of tribes such as Jews and Gypsies (who themselves had chosen to maintain a separate identity from Germany as a whole), not “black” people or any other ethnic minority - were anti-racist laws to prevent racism by tribes against the rest of the population. The attempt by racist Wilhelm Frick in 1935 to “expand” the Nuremberg Laws to apply to other ethnic minorities resulted in his gradual removal from positions of authority from 1936 onwards. As a matter of fact, a circular was issued in 1936 to all NSDAP Gauleiters explicitly ordering employment protection of Germans of ethnic African ancestry to ensure the Nuremberg Laws would not be abused to discriminate against innocent people.

External link: Veronica Clark Books

Wasn’t Hitler a Zionist agent?

Our belief is that while Hitler might have accepted money from Jewish bankers to help the NSDAP into power, he subsequently did not follow the attached Jewish instructions. His breaking of Jewish financial thrall over the German economy by returning control of money and foreign trade to the state made WWII inevitable in order that the National Socialist economic system would not exist long enough to be imitated by other countries and end international Jewish domination worldwide.

The bottom line, however, is that Hitler died long ago. Anyone looking at history can posit his true motives as they wish. But which benefits our enemies more: that our mental picture of Hitler inspires us, or that it demoralizes us?

Didn’t Hitler disagree with you on [insert issue here]?

While we view our movement as a continuation of what Hitler began, we do not treat Hitler’s stated views as dogma, and will disagree with him outright as necessary. Firstly, Hitler could not always be honest with his views for practical reasons as a politician. Secondly, National Socialist Germany lasted only 12 years before it was cut short, and as such cannot be considered anything but a work in earliest progress. The NSDAP and its post-WWII successors such as Savitri Devi, Miguel Serrano, David Myatt and most recently the OWNP each held some pieces to the puzzle, but all had parts missing and parts which did not belong. It is up to us to disassemble their well-intentioned but vague attempts and see whether or not from their incomplete sets we can combine enough pieces to form a complete set, and thus solve the entire puzzle at last. Plus the practical conditions of the 21st century are also quite unlike those of the 20th century, yet the 21st century is where the solving of the puzzle must occur, hence further adjustments are required. Doubtless Hitler himself would support such positivity.

“I know that somebody must come forth to meet our situation. I have sought him. I have found him nowhere. And therefore I have taken upon myself to do the preparatory work, only the most urgent preparatory work. For that much I know: I am not He. And I know also what is lacking in me.” – Adolf Hitler

We know what we are doing. If we had anything less than total confidence that we have the final destination already in our sights, we would not be doing what we do in the first place.