“You are not here to tell me that such-and-such a project is impracticable; your job is to provide me with the means to make it practicable!” – Adolf Hitler





We welcome questions and suggestions relating to any of the ideas of our movement. Please read our FAQ to ensure your query has not already been answered. Please write in English language only.

We welcome volunteering for activism. Please include a brief list of any special skills (artistic, technical, administrative, etc.) and/or fields of knowledge you could offer. Feel free to present samples of your past work, including existing blogs or video channels. This does not imply that only experts and seasoned activists will be recruited; on the contrary, we can use help from anyone with enthusiasm regardless of expertize or experience.

We welcome submission of unsolicited, original articles (previously published or unpublished) on any topic related to the themes of the site and supportive of our movement. We cannot guarantee that submissions will be posted, but we promise neither to edit submissions nor to forward them to a third party without obtaining the author’s prior approval. It will save us much time by letting us know in advance if you are happy with us editing your submissions as we see fit.

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3) Offensive slurs will not be tolerated.

4) Authors are strongly encouraged to study the Glossary page and use our vocabulary as established.

5) If submitting a response to an article posted on another site, then include a URL link to the article to which you are responding.

If you intend to be a regular contributor, we recommend starting a blog of your own and sending us the link.